Mayor asks until next month to answer presidency question

KEEPING his supporters on edge again, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte promised that he will provide a certain answer next month to the question of whether he will run in next year’s presidential election.

“There is a fifty-fifty chance. It could go either way,” said Duterte in an interview with media after the rally held at Rizal Park Friday evening.

While he did not directly declare his intent to run, Duterte added that he is “considering” the proposal after seeing the clamor by participants of the event, who numbered to more than a thousand coming from different parts of the country as well as a majority of onlookers who joined midway.

“You have to give me some time. I have to talk it over with my family,” said the mayor.

The filing of certificate of candidacy will be in October.

Duterte in his speech to the crowd declared his intentions for the country, such as clearing up crime and criminality, especially illegal drugs, and setting up reforms at national offices like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Bureau of Customs.

“If I do not see the changes I want to achieve, I will declare a revolutionary government,” said Duterte.

However, he got the crowd really cheering when he said if he were to become president, there “should be no regrets.”

“Those who are not from here [Davao], you better make sure I win,” said Duterte.

The mayor in previous statements said among his reasons for refusing the presidency was that he was too old, campaigning would cost too much and that he intended to retire after this term.

Also, in an interview last Monday night on TV5 Aksyon Balita, Duterte said he would consider the presidency only if it would be down to him and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

Meanwhile, Duterte for President Movement 2016 head Mar Masanguid said all of the participants coming from out of the city spent from their own pockets.

“I am very thankful for the success of the event. I did not expect the turnout since we only had three days to prepare,” said Masanguid.

He added since starting the movement around last year, he has also spent “a considerable amount” of his own expenses, but declined to bare any figures.

“I accept any form of help that comes my way,” added the barangay captain.

Personnel from the City Transport and Traffic Management Office said there were about 500 cars that joined in the caravan on Friday afternoon, and only implemented road closures at the areas of Bolton Street exiting to Pichon street, San Pedro corner Claveria street, and Bolton and Rizal Streets as the caravan converged at Rizal Park.

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