Mayor asks LTFRB to lift suspension order on PUVs

MAYOR Sara Duterte-Carpio asked the Land Transportation and Franchise Regulatory Board to reconsider its decision on suspending the operations of northbound passenger vans.

However, Mayor Carpio maintained that the city government would not in any way intervene in the decision of the LTFRB.

“Franchise are under the LTFRB,” Mayor Carpio said. “We don’t intervene.”

She said, however, that her heart goes out to the law-abiding operators and drivers who were included in the order.

“The most assistance that I can give is maybe I can talk to LTFRB to reconsider their decision,” Mayor Carpio said. “There were only a few (abusive drivers). I will try to do that.”

Mayor Carpio said hundreds of operators have been affected by the order of the LTFRB.

The mayor made the comment a week after the collision between a passenger van and a cargo truck, which killed 11 and injured seven others.

Four of the seven injured passengers were at the intensive care unit of the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), according to the Department of Health last week.
Nine died on the spot, while another patient died on arrival at the SPMC.

Another died overnight while at the operating room.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, for his part, accused traffic enforcers and agencies of accepting bribes from individuals. This was the reason there were more violators even with the implementation of the city’s strict speed limits.

An order by the LTFRB last week effectively prohibited the travel of passenger vans to and from the city’s northbound routes, with around 600 affected by the order.

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