Marine biodiversity exhibit brought to Abreeza Mall

ABREEZA Mall partners with Bonifacio Global City-based non-stock, non-profit science museum The Mind Museum to bring to Davao City an immersive, interactive exhibit that will showcase the astounding beauty of marine life and educate people on the importance of its conservation.

Taking place at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center from April 30 to May 4 is “A Glass of the Sea: An Exhibition on the Coral Triangle,” presented by The Mind Museum in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) and supported by the United States government. Entrance to the exhibit is absolutely free; group viewing reservations for groups of as many as 50 heads are also welcome.


First launched on July 16, 2015 at The Mind Museum, “A Glass of the Sea” features the biodiversity in the Coral Triangle—consisting of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia up to Papua New Guinea—particularly the Verde Island Passage, which is dubbed the world’s “center of the center of marine biodiversity.”

According to The Mind Museum curator Maria Isabel Garcia, the exhibit was inspired by a scientific study in 2014 that stated that if you scoop a glass of water from the ocean and examine its content, you will know the variety of life present in that ocean. “For A Glass of the Sea which we nicknamed AGoS, it meant figuring out how a relatively miniscule space with a few exhibits can do justice to the enormity of its source and science going on in there,” Garcia continued.

A Glass of the Sea can be experienced through three connected “stories”: the story of the sea, the story of the science of the sea, and the story of your role in the sea. The story of the sea is shown through stunning underwater footage taken from the CAS expeditions in the Coral Triangle area, the story of the science of the sea can be experienced through educational interactive games and original exhibits where physical objects melded with sensing technology allow you to get to know specific creatures individually, and the story of your role in the sea is told through intriguing sculptures that compel you to think of your relationship with the seas.

This project is supported by the U.S. Embassy Manila’s United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in (Science) Research or PEER Science Grant. The grant enabled The Mind Museum’s Maria Isabel Garcia to partner with Dr. Terrence Gosliner of CAS to work together on achieving ecosystem resilience.

“The U.S. Government is pleased to be part of this exhibit which aims to showcase the wealth of the Philippines’ biodiversity and more importantly, to raise awareness on the need to conserve the Coral Triangle to support marine resources and the coastal communities that depend on them. Strengthened natural resources and environmental management contributes to our shared goal of broad-based and resilient growth in the Philippines,” USAID Mission Director Gloria D. Steele said.

For exclusive group viewings of A Glass of the Sea, please contact the Main Concierge at (082) 321-9332 to reserve a timeslot. For more updates, like and following @abreezatweets on Twitter and @iloveabreezamall on Instagram.

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