Marco Polo acquires revolutionary gadget for hotel guests

JUST when we thought hotels have it all, Marco Polo Davao just upped the ante with the launch of their latest state of the art room amenity last Friday, June 8, that promises to provide guests direct access to global infotainment and an intuitive platform that will allow them to conveniently interact with the hotel.

Handy, a revolutionary product of Hong Kong-based Tink Labs Limited, is not just your regular mobile gadget. It has brought various game-changing solutions to the hospitality industry in more than 70 countries, such as Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Guam, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, to name a few, with its all-in-one services.

During the demo, the hotel’s marketing manager Sarah Mama announced that Handy, a complimentary service, is available in the hotel’s guest rooms. It is equipped with a guide for attractions, shopping and restaurant, an interactive map, GPS functions, as well as social media and instant messaging access. It will also afford guests the latest hotel promotions via push notification. Very soon, in-room guest dining offers will be available as an added feature to Handy.

“Guests can login their personal account, type in their stay dates and enjoy unlimited 3G internet access, unlimited local calls and international calls to Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, US and Hong Kong during their stay,” she said.

Mama also guaranteed utmost privacy to guests as all private conversations, passwords and browsing history, even if they forget to log out, in their room’s Handy will be automatically deleted as the phone will reset when the guest checks out of the hotel.

“Marco Polo Davao positions itself as Mindanao’s trendsetter, being in the forefront in innovative ideas and practices that give premium to our guests’ experiences,” said GM Dottie Wurgler-Cronin in a press statement.

According to Wurgler-Cronin, the hotel’s partnership with Handy “marks a leap forward in establishing global presence and complete connectivity in today’s tourism”.

To date, Handy is available in more than 500,000 hotel rooms and has helped over 18 million global travelers.

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