Man who attacked lady, assaulted cop charged

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has found probable cause to indict the suspect in the attack of a woman at Km. 24, Barangay Inabangga, Bunawan District.

and resisting the arrest at Km. 24, Inabangga, Bunawan.

Prosecutor Shahruddin Roberto O. Secio, Jr., has charged Christian R. Anunciado for direct assault under Art. 148 and attempted murder under Art. 248 both of the Revised Penal Code based on the complaint filed by PO3 Stephen D. Arela and Marichu C. Musong.

Musong, in her affidavit, said that she was with her husband riding their tricycle when a group of men waylaid them. Anunciado allegedly tried to stab her but she and her husband were able to sped off.

The complainant’s husband then called for police assistance.

While Arela, in his separate affidavit, said he responded to the incident and saw a group of men throwing stones at the passing vehicles ahead of him. Upon seeing the mobile patrol, the group scampered away.

Musong pointed to Anunciado as the one who tried to stab her using a knife. The suspect also resisted arrest and punched the police officer several times. Arela was able to restrain Anunciado but the rest of his friends escaped.

Prosecutor Rizalyn Gonzales said that the suspect is indictable for direct assault by attacking Arele who is an agent of person in authority.

Gonzales added that the respondent is also indictable for attempted murder because intent to kill and qualifying circumstance of taking advantage of superior strength are present in the commission of the felony.

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