Man sued for robbery

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has found probable cause to indict a man for allegedly robbing an apartment in Emerald Village along Diversion Road in Bacaca on July 28.

Prosecutor Shahruddin Roberto Sencio. Jr, in his Aug. 4 resolution, charged Mirko Jan Selim for robbery under Article 299 of the Revised Penal Code.

 The case stemmed from the complaint filed by Daphne Melliza Vergara, who claimed that at around 4 a.m. that day she was awakened from her sleep when she noticed someone was inside her rented apartment.

 While inside the apartment, the suspect allegedly took a cellular phone worth P7,000 and a shoulder bag containing P5,000 cash.

 Selim was arrested by the San Pedro Police after Vergara reported the incident to the police.

 In the police report, it was indicated that the door lock was forcibly destroyed. The report added that there was no indication that Selim was armed at that time.

 Investigation prosecutor Joseph Mamburam, in finding probable cause, said Selim is indictable for robbery as he “gained entrance to the rented apartment of complainant by destroying its door lock and once inside, took and carried away the personal belongings of complainant.”

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