Man charged for hacking another

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has formally charged a man for allegedly conspiring with others in killing the victim who impregnated one of the respondents sister in Barangay Tibungco, Bunawan last May 14.

Prosecutor Rizalyn Gonzales, in her resolution approved by Prosecutor Shahruddin Roberto O. Sencio Jr., found probable cause to indict Marlon Gorre for murder as he conspired with the other men in jointly hacking Joseph Narisma Abao.

“The qualifying circumstance of taking advantage of superior strength is present in the commission of the felony,” Gonzales said.

In indicting Gorre, Gonzales also cited a Supreme Court ruling that, “the greater the number of the assaulting party was considered by the Supreme Court in determining the circumstance of superior strength as long as the accused were armed.”

The affidavit of Meriam Merquida, live-in partner of the victim, revealed that she was waiting for Abao when the respondent and seven others arrived on several motorcycles, and armed with bolos and knives.

They chased the victim down and hacked him to death. The rest of the perpetrators were able to elude arrest.

Merquida claimed that the week prior, the victim had an argument with her brother, Randy, who was opposed to their relationship. According to the police, Abao allegedly impregnated the sister of one of the suspects.

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