Mall demolition starts

- NCCC Mall to be flattened starting Saturday

Almost five months since the tragic fire incident, the management of NCCC Mall of Davao will demolish the shopping center on Saturday.

Thea Padua, spokesperson and public relations manager of NCCC, told TIMES Thursday in an interview that the flattening of the 14-year-old mall will be in a span of four months as scheduled by their contractor, D.M. Consunji Inc. (DMCI).

DMCI is NCCC’s contractor of the P1 billion-worth mall in Buhangin, which will open in July.

“After the demolition, the management decided to build another mall in the site,” Padua said.

The mall management was granted the demolition permit from the Office of the Building Official (OCBO) on Feb. 20, after paying the fee of P187,854. It cited 30 days for the demolition, with the provision that it “be undertaken only after the building has been vacated and all utility lines such as electric, gas, telephone and water installations have been disconnected.”

The demolition should also be compliant with the rules of the National Building Code to ensure safety for the workers and prevent damage to other infrastructures near the mall.

Acting City Building Official Cirinia Grace Catubig said earlier that the burnt mall would be the biggest infrastructure that would be demolished so far in the city.

The Bureau of Fire of Protection recommended for the demolition of the mall as most of the infrastructure was damaged except the ground floor.

The mall’s total building floor area is 60,568 square meters.

Prior to the demolition, the management of the mall already established a temporary fence when it gained a fencing permit from the OCBO in January.

The fire killed 38 persons, including 37 employees of the market research firm Survey Sampling International (SSI) and a mall security officer who rescued 783 people from the mall.