Lugar lang | Speaking from and for the heart

I forgive you. And you. And you. Yes, you, too.

In the spirit of President Rodrigo Duterte promising he will speak from the heart in his third State of the Nation Address (SONA), let me speak from mine. Never mind that Spokesperson Harry Roque and Special Assistant Bong Go did not agree about what the speech will contain.

By the time this piece is published, we will have all found out who was right. And what Duterte’s heart said aside from his usual message, “F**k you all.”

Many disgruntled netizens asked, “Does he even have a heart?” Surely none of us has the right to judge. And I’m sure the physical exam he took the day before the SONA proved he does have one. Nothing like an instrument like an electrocardiograph to prove the existence of someone’s heart. That’s what got me interested in the HeartMath system.

Last weekend, I participated in a seminar dubbed, “The Heart Connection and Human Potential,” facilitated by Rowena Ebdani-Suarez. I was interested in the HeartMath promise that there is a scientific way to activate the heart in such practical applications as stress management and creativity. There wasn’t any math involved, but she did have an instrument that measured heart activity to show that the meditation techniques actually worked. It’s a system for the doubting Thomases of this world, who need to see and touch before they believe.

In these highly ‘triggering’ times, each of us must find a way to quiet the heart so that we can stop the release of the stress hormone cortisol and prevent the long-term diseases caused by it. Also, there must be a way to stop the aggressive energies we feel when we scroll through our social media news feeds (aside from totally giving it up). HeartMath does provide these easy and quick techniques that can help save our relationships. The secret is “heart coherence,” which is achieved “when the heart, mind, emotions and body are all working in sync.” Through this, we are able to quickly take charge of our emotions and maintain a calm composure even in the heat of the moment. Practiced consistently, we won’t need to use the #triggeredt anymore.

But on a deeper level, when we are triggered by things, situations, or people, it is because we are carrying around a whole lot of garbage in our hearts. So much inner drama from our past relationships and experiences that we continue to hold on to in the process of grasping for control in this chaotic world. Our HeartMath batch was blessed to have in company four pranic healers, one reiki healer, one cranio-sacral healer, an anthroposophist, and some medical professionals, who all brought into the safe space what they knew about keeping the heart coherent.

At the end of the seminar, and as an unexpected gift, Arhatic yogis and pranic healers Karen Horton, Dinah Tolentino-Fuentes, and Maya Vandenbroeck performed pranic psychotherapy healing on me to help me break through what was blocking me in my work and my life. I am myself a pranic healer, but I have not taken this particularly advanced module, which aims to treat the root causes of illnesses. Like many alternative healing modalities, we believe that physical illness has its root in emotional ‘dis-ease,’ which can be addressed directly at the energetic level.

Having gone through very difficult relationships (including with my mother), I knew I needed it. Sure enough, my healers found dark energies congesting my chakral system, some of which were the negative emotions I had been holding on to for so long. They cut the energy cords still connecting me to the past offenses. And I chose to forgive. It’s not enough to ‘unfollow’ in the digital or real lives. I let you go. I set myself free.

No healing system promises a panacea, but I am grateful to have this pranic psychotherapy option to add to the other ways I am learning to heal myself from within. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, or doing a PhD, you are not alone. Visit the Mindanao Pranic Healing and Training Center on Palma Gil St. Or you can book a session online confidentially at

If you are interested in learning the HeartMath system, another run will be held in Davao on August 25-26. For details, contact 09175700790.

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