LOUD WHISPERS| Why did it take Ph years to strategize

YES INDEED, I think the government has been remiss in its obligation to secure the Philippine Seas. It has, I guess neglected its duties to examine and watch closely our alleged enemies who tried hard to invade our territory thru unlawful means.

     But may I ask the agencies concerned? What did you do when they saw for the first time that China had been started to put blocks and stones underneath the waters? What did you do during the first time that this rumor came out in the press, two or three years ago? In fact there was even a documented pix showing how they secretly, were able to build the foundation of the gigantic construction underwater that amazed and shocked the world? Were you not alarmed?

     Don’t tell me that the President did not know this secret maneuvering of a foreign seemingly powerful country! The Philippine government was then very focused and busy attending to the cases and issues that involve billons of pesos! The Napoles case, the Bangsamoro case, the corruption cases of the three Senators. And the upcoming elections. In fact it’s a loud whisper that groups, teams and families were already framing up for the next elections as early as two years ago. Some even hold meetings and round table talks in unknown places all over the country. And the Philippine experts and agencies responsible for securing our Philippine seas became mum and silent all the time everytime China brought in and under our waters the equipment and materials for use of the mammoth construction. Can we not call this “negligence of duties and responsibilities?”

     Yes, we understand that state leaders always hold on to their pledge of diplomacy and respect; harmonious relationship with other foreign countries; and establishing friendly tie-ups and networking with them. But the invasion of China in our Philippine Seas, is more than a treachery, I opine.

     Now, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs is getting headlines of broadsheets because he spoke before the five-member Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. He said China violated the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos).

     Is it because the Philippine government can’t handle this alone by itself? Now, it is asking help (and even perhaps asking that heaven will fall) from international nations?

     Question nga: “Bakit ngayon lang?!” Does it mean that when we talk with The Hague, the neighboring Asian countries (other claimants) would connive to topple down the grand edifice? Who is going to dismantle this gigantic building that costs billions of dollars?

     Or, (another wild idea) if China will lose the case, who will own the construction? Where will it go legally? To Malaysia, to Brunei, to Taiwan, to Vietnam, or to the Philippines?

     I guess, when this time comes, the next will be a more exciting one. There will be six or seven countries who will be vying or competing for ownership. Don’t you think it so?

     But look! It seems that China is the Giant (Goliath) and all the other claimants are the Davids. Wow! Can we say now that China is really the most powerful? More powerful than the United States? It seems now that it is the richest, having rich and genius manpower resources and of course, natural resources. In terms of military resources, commercial and environmental resources, China is very very rich.

     I could imagine that someday, China being the Giant (Goliath), will also fall down because these small Davids, no matter how small they are, are also very clever. They are six or seven who would throw big stones on China with their sling shots, you know, (specially if the stones hit China’s sensitive parts) the Goliath (China) will also fall down.

     So, what shall the Philippines do? Now that the iron is hot? Will it strike NOW? Or NO MORE? The President, I think should forget the word “diplomacy” .. else we all go down underneath, under the dictatorship of one country with another culture, another breed and another color. But the President is half Chinese and half Filipino! So, where do you think is his priority? Where will he lean on? Where will he stand firm and truthful and loyal?

   We really cannot tell and we can not read his mind. Remember, he had travelled to China several times during his administration. He had talks with the Chinese leaders several times. But we can not really decipher what is in his heart.

     I also believe that the Philippines has already given and shown too much diplomacy, but diplomacy alone cannot change the tide and the wave of the sea. (FVS)

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