LOUD WHISPERS| Root causes of immorality, war

Last week I was one of the leaders of our movement, the Asian Universal PeaceFederation, who was invited to participate in a forum and conference on “UPF’s Principles

of Peace” – A Foundation for Global Peace and Sustainable Development,” in Bangkok, Thailand.

     We were only 27 from the Asian nations composing of officials of the human rights commission, experts in Social Affairs ministry, PR consultants, Council Members of the government, High Court advocates, journalists, and educators. These delegates came from different Asian nations like: Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

     When PAL landed at the Suvarnabhumi International airport in Bangkok, personally, I was not so excited because I noticed that the city is not distant from development as our country. It’s not also incomparable to our Metro Manila landscape where there are not so high-rise buildings and modern facilities. There are also overpass roads and bridges that crisscross main roads and thoroughfares and view of the metropolis

     Going to the main venue I also observed the usual traffic jam that hinders everyone from relaxing trips and exhilarating atmosphere. The city also has flee markets, malls and markets of all sorts, where visitors and tourists can enjoy shopping and eating.

     We stayed at the Eastin Hotel just at the back of Ramada Hotel. I observed guests coming in and in of the hotel of diverse race, religion, and culture. In fact, our group is, I think the most diverse because we have high priests of religious sects like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholics, and Protestants.

     We had only three (3) main speakers: Dr. Robert Kittel, UPF Education International Director, an American; Ms. Ursula McLackland, secretary-general of UPF International from Germany; and Dr. Chung Sik Yong, UPF chairman, from Korea

     The conference proper started on the second day. The two international speakers, spoke and gave lectures on the following topics, alternately: 1) Why Do . We Need Principles? 2) God and Creation 3) Give and Take Action and Purpose of Life 4) Human Existence of the Spiritual World 5) The Root Causes of Evil and Human Suffering 6) Consequences and the Misuse of Love 7) The Meaning and Value of the Interfaith Peace Blessing 8) The Life, Legacy of UPF Founder and Mother Moon, and 9) Interfaith Family Peace Blessing.

     I find all of these very relevant, significant and essential. The participants were all active in relating these topics to the present-day situations and conditions in our world and around the globe.

     In fact, in our respective rooms, we were able to watch over BBC and CNN TV channels the on-going evacuation crisis that was then going on in Syria and Hungary and other near-by nations and continents. We witnessed the blow-by-blow broadcast and coverage of the war and the evacuation crises and how people there suffered from homelessness, hunger, starvation, pain, sleepness nights, poverty, sickness, horror, and from absence of the basic needs of human being. I could just sigh and express my grief for all those who were suffering and starving. “If only we could reach them,” I sighed, we could have assisted them. But we are really far from their reach.

     Dr. Yong, gave a special message of the movement, which is: harmonizing the world and uniting all nations centered in God.

   “Invest your time… the more you invest the more you understand the principles of peace and the Divine Principle,” he said.

   He said that main purpose of the conference is to discuss universal ethics and fundamental problems… “Let us create a world of peace through education,” he also stressed.

   “Let’s also reflect… What went wrong during of period of restoration?” He closed.

   (For me, though, this is really something which we should reflect on: What’s happening now? Have we changed? Have we repented? Have we realized that we are all brothers and sisters?

     Dr.Kittel on the other hand, emphasized the message of Dr. Yong: Let us re-dedicate ourselves to our mission of bringing peace to the world. One of the strategies is to interact with religious leaders and other leaders of the world.

     But how can we be more effective as leaders? He first asked. Why are there principles? How are we guided by principles? These are foundations which make formation, organization, government, construction and others strong and formidable.

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