LOUD WHISPERS| Let’s restore human dignity

WE WERE borne out of our First Parents’ flesh and blood. God created Adam and Eve, our first parents to multiply with holiness and virtues, dignity and purity. He  created Adam and Eve in His image. (What He wanted them to be: perfect human beings without sin.) But they  sinned, and very simple but dangerous sin. They disobeyed God and His commandment. So they were punished. Because of this punishment, they started to have imperfections in life. They have become victims and fruits of either good or bad, evil or angel.)

There is now a new movement composing of community leaders they call themselves Centrist Democratic Alliance (CDA) which is an Interfaith alliance for true democracy to protect freedom, faith and human dignity. What is their invitation? They say, “Join us, let’s restore human dignity and reform our democracy.”

This kind of an alliance has 4-pronged beliefs:  1) Our country needs political party reform; 2) There is a need for social market economy 3) There is a need to adopt subsidiary thru parliamentary federalism; and 4) despite modernity most Filipinos live in misery.

In terms of our living condition, the CDA members believe that the Filipinos are slaves of labor markets without security. Most of us are jobless and bereft of human pride and dignity.  (Albeit, I say that while, these observations may be half truth and half lie, there is still a room for improvement in our country. Being slaves of  labor market in our country is not anymore a thing to be ashamed of.  There are other  Asian countries who have more overseas domestic helpers than we have in our country. Yes,  according to national statistics records, there are more than half a million Filipinos who work abroad as domestic laborers or helpers.  What is one good thing about this, is they bring in dollars and other forms of money to their families here. They invest in small business entrepreneurs and they invest in permanent decent homes and living quarters in our country.)

For the overseas workers, they find their jobs more dignified and prolific than jobs of other overseas workers anywhere else in the world. The OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) are still proud that they are contributory to the impoved quality of life of their families making them secure, happy and contented.

Most of us, according to CDA are jobless in abject poverty. Yes, this is very prevalent in this country. Every year, we see thousands and thousands of graduates who march with “toga” but they feel uncertain of the jobs awaiting for them.  Parents always dream that these graduates would be the next breadwinner in the family. But to their dismay, months after their graduation they become frustrated seeing that the newly graduate daughter or son is still jobless. Why? Because there is not enough job openings here in this country where graduates can select from, that fit/s their skill/s or expertise. We also observe that many graduates are underemployed, meaning they are in jobs where their salary is not commensurate to the work they are doing.

With these situation many of our graduates, they become bereft of human pride and dignity.

Mass Communication and Journalism graduates, for example, land into jobs like being sales girls and sales boys in department stores. For those who have capital of their own, they put up their small sari-sari store and manage this kind of small business entrepreneur. Others just do odd jobs to make themselves busy.

But the CDA members are more into advocating the end to graft and corruption by the so-called “trapo” dynasty.  (Albeit, for me, this kind of political system in our country will not fade away so instantly like a wind that comes and goes. Filipinos are much into a system where they still believe that there is power among the political clans. That the political clans are still the most influential in one community or the other.)

Hopefully, this kind of thinking will come no more. Let us break and erase this belief. Let’s start looking at new leaders this time. Leaders whom we can call new leaders with tried integrity and dignity.   Who are these people? Where do we find them? Are they around and in our midst? Let’s find them NOW.. before it’s too late. (FVS)

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