LOUD WHISPERS| Effective leaders are guided by principles

IN A conference which I attended last week in Bangkok, Thailand, I felt I was fortunate to have participated in an interactive and open dialogue with leaders and educators (Religious and Christians, multi-sectoral and cultural groups coming from Asian countries) like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. I was the lone delegate from the Philippines.

     This column will mainly be an echo of what has transpired in that 3-day dialogue-conference culled from my notes. We had one high priest of a Hindu religion, one Muslim woman-leader, two human rights commissioner, two members of the Parliament of Nepal, five (5) government officials of Pakistan and Cambodia, Religious leaders, educators, and journalists.

     The following are excerpts from talks, discussions and reactions:

     How can we be more effective as leaders? Why do we need principles? How are we guided by our principles? These are foundations which make institutions, organizations and structures strong and formidable. Principles are bases for strengthening our beliefs, knowledge and thoughts .. We are guided by principles when we plan and work for peace and unification.

     Can we dream of peace without having to define and know what peace is?

     The basic principles of peace are: 1) Peace must be universal; 2) It must be untimely and timeless; 3) Must be good in mind, spirit and body. It must embrace the pair system, i.e., the man and woman relationship in marriage.

     What’s going on now? This evacuation of refugees from Hungary to other nations. This is very critical. What do you think happened? Why is there war? What went wrong with the people? Did they sin against the Divine Principle? Did they sin against the Creator? Did they sin against God?

     Yes, nobody can tell but if we look into the root cause of evil deeds, crime and poverty, it seems that these are all happening because we have lost our faith in God.

     “With these we can work together as leaders. We should overcome external and internal ignorance….We are here with diverse beliefs, religion, race and culture. But we are not changing your religion. We have to keep our moral laws. We should not change them. Once we change, we change everything and everything will come to naught,” said Dr. Chung Sik Yong, chair of the Asian Universal Peace Federation, an NGO recognized by the United Nations as peace NGO organization.

     “But we can work together in bringing peace, unity and cooperation in this world,” he also said. When we teach peace, it must come from the heart, soul, mind and body. When God created our First Parents, Adam and Eve, He created in his likeness, man and woman and inseparable. Their purpose? To bear children for the next generations. Their marriage and relationship is a pair system. When this relationship grows, it must be powerful. But if we change the principle of marriage, marriage and relationship will collapse. This is the essence and meaning of marriage between man and woman, husband and wife.

     Thus, we must be guided by the Divine Principles of which the bases are the Ten Commandments and the Divine Scriptures. Although we have diversities in many ways, we have commonalities as Religions and sects. We have the Principle and marriage and the Principle of true love. Adam and Eve lived happily and harmoniously and heavenly in the Paradise. But the angel (Lucifer) interferred with their relationship and when Eve ate the forbidden fruit (the apple) that heavenly kingdom fell. That was the Fall of First Parents. How were they tempted? Because the apple looked so beautiful, colorful, sweet and tender, so very delicious and tasteful that caused their doomsday. Thus, the foundation of a strong and divine marriage and relationship weakened and next generation suffered because of their Fall.

     When we plan our work and when we dream of peace and unity, prosperity and love, we must be guided by principles. These principles must be based on the Ten Commandments, the Divine Principles and the Scriptures. Let us all remember and refresh our minds with the Ten Commandments of God: Believe in God. We are here and we believe in God. We said, we have different religions but we have commonalities. Do not covet they neighbor’s wife. But some men and women are not faithful to their wives. Do not commit adultery. But some practice polygamy. Do not steal. And many are corrupt. Young and old, steal. Do not kill. This of course, is a grievous crime, and many more. So what do we have now? Misery, poverty, starvation, and etc. Many are not happy because many don’t taste paradise and don’t live in a paradise.

   We, as leaders can do something. It is not too late. Time is the essence. (FVS)

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