LOUD  WHISPERS| Dr. Thomas G. Walsh: Let us begin in the Philippines to build a world of lasting peace

DR. THOMAS G. Walsh, the president of Universal Peace Federation (UPF)-International opened the Asian Summit 2015 last February 01, 2015 at the Marikina Sports Complex in Metro Manila, with an encouragement and hope that millions of people in the Philippines and around the world would work together to build a world of lasting peace. He remarked, “Let us begin in the Philippines.”

“I believe the Asian Summit 2015 will serve as an inspiration and shining light of hope to millions of people throughout the Philippines,” he said.

Addressing about 144,000 couples in Marikina (coming from all parts of the country), he said that the inclusion of the grand Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in the 3-day summit conference is an innovative undertaking and practical example of the vision of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Mother Moon  (as the followers of the Unification Church call her) shows that we cannot hope for peace, security and development unless we first build peace, love and trust and respect for each other in the smallest unit of society, called the family.

He also commended the UPF Asia and the Philippines for hosting the Asian Summit 2015 on the theme, “Toward Peace, Security, and Human Development in the Asian Pacific Region” in Manila, Philippines.

“I congratulate UPF-Asia for bringing together 400 leaders representing all walks of life in Asia and around the world to discuss new paradigms for sustainable peace and development in the Asia Pacific region which is the home to 60% of the world’s population,” he continued.

He observed that besides the highest level of political and government leaders from the various nations in Asia, the list of speakers also include distinguished leaders of religion, media and education, bringing their unique perspective for peace and nation-building.

It also included the first-ever Peace Awards Ceremony sponsored by UPF in coordination with APUC (Asian Pacific Unity Corps) which is led by General Roberto Santiago (ret.) of the AFP and the ICM (Integrity Circles Movement) led by Dr. Antonio Roldan and the Creative Villa, led by Dan Villa, former chair of  Advertising Board.  PEACE is an acronym of people’s empowerment for the advancement of communities and environment.

The PEACE Awards this year is the first awards event that has been launched.  In the next succeeding years this event will continue and the committee hopes that there will be more organizations who will join as peace advocates of the country.

It aims to recognize a group of persons or a person who consistently espouse and develop community works, greening of the environment  and thereby making the world a peaceful and healthy place to live in. It also aims to herald these values in excellent media works.

The media awards was designed to include the following categories:  A) Print- best newspaper, best columnist, best news story, and best feature story. B) Radio – best station, best commentator, best self promotion, and best public service program. C)  Television – best TV station, best program, best documentary, and best public service program. And  D) Social media -  best social media, best blogger, best photo/videio, and best liked and shared post.

I would like, at this juncture, to humbly announce that for the BEST COLUMNIST award, your humble columnist, was recognized on the stage at the Manila Hotel last February 1, as the winner.

And I sincerely dedicate this trophy to the publisher and editor of this prestigious daily newspaper in Davao City, for giving me the chance to be given a space to write my thoughts, ideas, insights and opinions about peace, environment and other critical issues that come our way, since two years ago.

I incessantly wrote both positive and negative reactions, however, I recommend for solutions to the problems and crises. (FVS)

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