LOUD WHISPERS| A chance for non-M.A. Teachers

I KNOW for a fact that there are so many teachers in both high school and tertiary levels who are not yet Master’s Degree holders. One reason is, they can not anymore afford to pursue post graduate degrees because they are now spending also for their children in school. This is true with teachers who have their own family.

Perhaps for those who are still single, they can pursue with their schooling because they are not spending much for the education of their siblings. But still they are hesitant to enroll for Master’s Degree because their parents are dependent on them. Oh, of course there are other reasons and others are personal reasons.

Well, my friends, perhaps, you are not aware that there is now what are called: CHED THESIS GRANT and CHED DISSERTATION GRANT.

Well, my dear friends, good for you that the government is now trying to help you pursue your M.A. degree education and eventually your Ph.D. education. Take this opportunity because this is rare.

CHED Memorandum Order No. 33 s. 2004 states that in consonance with Sec. 8 RA

No. 7722 mandating the CHED to enhance the research function of higher education institutions in the Philippines, CHED hereby issues the guidelines for immediate dissemination.

However, you might be surprised to learn that this memo and guideline was issued a decade ago but it was not widely disseminated. But this has been reiterated now because of the ASEAN Integration thing (commitment of RP with other ASEAN countries.)

CHED shall provide financial assistance to faculty members who are completing their Master’s thesis work in any of the following clusters of discipline: Science and Mathematics; Engineering, Maritime and Architecture studies; Humanities, Social Science and Communication; Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; Health and Health Related Discipline; and Information Technology.

The grant shall be open to nominees of HEIs in the Philippines that are offering programs in the disciplines applied for by the candidate who meet the following requirement: Not more than 45 years old; Full-time regular faculty member of HEI; Must have completed the coursework and passed the comprehensive exam in an accredited level 2 Graduate Program; Must have an approved thesis proposal on the above priority disciplines; and Must have a general average of at least 1.75 or equivalent in the required courses leading to a Master’s degree applied for.

I guess, with these requirements, still many can not pursue with their application for CHED grants. Perhaps, only a few because there are many colleges and universities that are not yet Accredited graduate school level 1 so, how much more if the requirement is, must have been accredited level 2 ?

This scholarship thing reminds me of my situation as a school teacher then in one biggest high school in Davao City. It was then a prestigious school but sad to say that me and my late husband, Leo Rostand, were deprived of so many opportunities. (Albeit, I don’t want to brag once more how we made it [that school] to the top).

But because I believed that if I will find my way to go up, it would not be through “pulling strings from “padrinos and padrinas.” The mayor then was our Ninong in our wedding but we did not use that influence to promote us. My uncle then was a supervisor, but we did not use him to influence other “powers that be” in the DECS office.

I believed then that thru thick and thin I would graduate Ph.D. so that I would land into a more lucrative job. So, I got a scholarship grant from the Philippine Press Institute and finish my M.A. in Media Management at the Asian Institute of Journalism, now located at Espana, Manila. Then my late husband pushed me to proceed to Ph.D. education at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila, and I graduated before he passed away.

Now, my friends in Davao and all my relatives know me from birth, and they know my age. But they are wondering why I am still connected with a prestigious college here, in Rizal province. It is an international college run by a corporation of ASEAN educators in Korea and Japan, but I am invited to be a director for Research because of my qualifications. (No, bragging!) I’m very happy because I feel I am not growing old. That’s the prize I get for being educationally qualified. So, Friends, why don’t you grab every opportunity that comes your way?

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