LOUD WHISPER: Who can tell us which is which? That Nov. 1 is All Saints Day; Nov. 2 is All Souls Day

OUR CATHOLIC (for those who are) calendar says that we celebrate the Lenten Season starting from Ash Wednesday. This usually comes days ahead before Good Thursday and Good Friday of the year. During this period, the Catholics are reminded that this is the period of sacrifice, of penance, and devotion. The Catholics are reminded to be modest and simple in food. So every Friday from Ash Wednesday, they don’t usually eat meat i.e., pork or beef or (some) chicken. Their food is simple with only fish and vegetable for viand. This practice becomes their culture.

This has been engrained in my mind and my life, as a devoted Catholic.

Our Calendar also tells us that we have to observe (or celebrate) All Saints Day and All Souls Day) which is termed in Tagalog, “Undas”. But times are changing. Days are going ahead so fast. We are growing from young to old and even to senior citizenship. Now I am given more time to reflect and reminisce past days and present moments of our life. I am given the opportunity to read and read more, to study more, to listen and watch more than ever, and to express my thoughts and insights of things around me.

Really, these mysteries in our lives keep us alive and kicking (while we still exist). Looking at the chronology of events in our calendar, I begin to seek for the real thing, the truth.

So, we have two important events as practiced in the Philippines. In fact these two are special days because they are Holy Days in observance to honor the Dead and to honor the Saints who are both in the Spirit World (next place other than the Earth). This is the World where we go after we die on earth. (This I learned from my Religion class.)

According to the Exposition of the Divine Principle by the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, some people refuse to believe in Religion. They doubt because they do not know the realities of God and life after death.

The Bible, the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, and the Divine Principle taught us that we were born to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but since our First Parents fell from sin, we are now living in a world of uncertainty.

Philosophy also tells us that we have two choices to select from if we intend to live longer or die shortly. We can either choose to go for the evil or go for the good. When we die, we can either go to Heaven or go to Hell.

But who can truly explain this phenomenon? This mystery? This belief? This thinking? What is all Saints Day? Are there really Saints in Heaven? Because we were taught by our teachers in Religion that heaven is where the Saints are. Hell is where the Satans are. How about the Souls? Where are they now? Some books tell us that there are Souls are still lingering and roaming around the Earth because they still need to be liberated and to be redeemed.

So if this is one’s belief, then there is a need to pray for them and their souls so that they will be liberated. But to liberate them there is a ceremony or ritual or process that is to be done. This is the belief of another Religion. This is the principle or doctrine of another Religion. These countless souls are still groping in darkness and they need the light of this new truth. This, perhaps, is the reason why we (particularly) the Catholics light candles on the tombs of our Dear Dead specially during All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

According to the Principle of Creation, the growth of the human spirit requires two kinds of nourishment: Life elements received from God and vitality elements received through give and take action with the physical self. Consequently, the spirits of people who died before they could reach perfection during their earthly life can be resurrected only by returning to earth and completing their unaccomplished responsibility through cooperation with earthly people. By assisting people of faith living on the earth to fulfill their missions, the spirits may complete their missions at the same time. Herein lies the meaning behind the verse which fortold that the Last Days the Lord will come “with his holy myriads” (Jude 14) We call this process returning resurrection.

How do spirits help people on earth fulfill the Will of God? When people become receptive to spirits through prayer or other spiritual activities, the spirits descend to them to work with them. Spirits perform various works. For example, they pour spiritual fire on earthly people and give them the power to heal diseases. They help people enter states of trance and perceive the realities o fthe spirit world. They give people revelations and the gift of prophecy. They can also give deep inspiration to the soul. In these various works, spirits act on behalf of the Holy Spirit guiding people on the earth to accomplish the Will of God.

What happens to us when we die? Anyone looking for clues about what happens to us when we die would be wise to research the Bible. It gives us God’s answer to the most pressing question of the ages. God’s empty tomb assures us that it is a mystery already solved.

Thus, we observe (or celebrate) honoring the Saints, because they lived and died for mankind.
We must therefore be happy. (FVS)

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