LOUD WHISPER| Who are enemies of peace?

IT’S IRONIC to watch and listen to the close relatives of  President Benigno Aquino pronounce publicly over the television that their nephew, President Benigno Aquino, should step down from Malacanang, to cater to the demands of the public.

      The uncle of the President, Mr. Danding Cojuangco, one of the owners of the biggest sugar producers in the country, said this publicly in answer to the noise demanding the President to resign. Was Mr. (the uncle) sincere in saying that? Or was it only a “palabas.”  There was even rumor and whisper that, that pronouncement was only an acid test to gauge who are on the side of the Aquinos or who are on the side of the Cojuangcos.  “Sila nalang ba ang mga tao dito sa Filipinas na pwede nilang……. (u can supply the phrase?)  One rallyist even uttered.

      Yes, the People Power was successful. It was a victorious so-called revolution.  But there were  other people behind  them who really are called the unsung heroes.  There is even the late President Fidel Ramos who twisted his head favoring the so-called “oppositionist” and  against the Marcoses,  who led the march for peace in the Edsa Revolution. It was indeed dramatic.  The so-called leaders and heroes who toppled down the former President Marcos were very jubilant with all the media mileage,  and  they felt part of the victorious freedom rally.

     More people showed their disgust and disappointment yesterday, in the Peace  Shrine in Edsa along Ortigas avenue in Metro Manila, as they marched and rallied against the government and against the questionable sincerity of the President in restoring peace in our country.

    It is indeed ironical to hear him saying, “If we give in to the enemies of peace, it’s as if we’re also allowing the conflict in Mindanao to worsen.”  Oh! But look, who’s is talking!  As if he’s innocent and as if he doesn’t know that he is (as alleged by many) the cause of all these conflicts.  Had he not promised to the nth time that he would see to it that the peace process in Mindanao would eventual come to end before the end of  1914, the people in Mindanao wouldn’t have hoped much. (I think)

     The Filipinos, the Mindanaoans specifically,  are asking these:  Where was the President when war was going on in Mamasapano?  Why did he not command that this should be stopped outright when he received the message from the head of the  military or those responsible for the Exodus Operation?  Why was he communicating with General Purisima during that time when war was going on? After and Before?  Considering that General Purisima was already suspended from the service?  What exactly is the working relationship of  Purisima with the :President during this crisis period?  Why was he in Zamboanga when the crisis in that place was isolated case (they said)?

       The Filipinos have been waiting and waiting for the “iron curtain” to be lifted, but why so suddently,  more conflicts, wars and killings and massacres happened?  I surmise these can be blamed on leadership. Who else? It is his command responsibility to  see to it that he restores peace for progress and unification. These could have been aborted if and only if the leader of the country have thought of some safeguards to remedy the problem or to meet his promise that the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will be done soon and sooner than expected.  But this promise has not been fulfilled.  Why?  Can I really ask the President? (Di lang naman ako ang nagtatanong, Mr. President.)

      I would even like to ask if the Mamasapano massacre was sort of  a diversionary tactic to delay the peace process?  But why ?  What is in the mind of those killers and  mastermind of all of these conflicts?  I guess there’s a hidden agenda by either the  military or the  government or even the MILF or the BIFF.(I’m just asking.)

      Of course, as a concerned citizen, I am just speculating that these and all that I have mentioned earlier are questions and problems that should be resolved as soon as possible. But to say that there are enemies of peace, is I think, rigfht or wrong.

     Who doesn’t want peace?  Can the President point out with his fingers whom he is referring to?  Does he know?  Well, then he has to do something. I suggest, he should not only talk and talk and talk.  He should act now before it is too late.

     I still want to see him leading a big crowd or followers with arms and hands holding each other and  shouting loud and clear:  WE WANT PEACE… PEACE FOR MINDANAO .. and PEACE TO THE WORLD.  Let him lead the rally and let’s see if he can really lead millions and millions of followers.  (FVS)

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