LOUD WHISPER| A world peace rally the peace road event

LAST WEEK, Aug. 9, 2015 a Peace Road Rally marked the launching of a worldwide activity participated in by 127 nations from Europe, Middle East, North America, Central America, South America and Oceania, Africa and Asia, Philippines.

   Some 747 bikers in Metro Manila participated in the Bikers Peace Tour of the Peace Road 2015 Philippines that started from the Quezon Circle to Edsa avenue then ended up at the

Quezon City Memorial Circle.

     This Peace Road Rally marked the launching of the world-wide bridge tunnel that will link an international highway allowing people to travel on land from Africa’s Cape of Good Hope to Santiago, Chile and from London to New York across Bering Strait connecting the world as a single community.

     Personally, I am amazed and struck by this idea. “Oh, Ah! Ho!” I exclaimed upon hearing this from Engr. Julius Malicdem, chair of the Universal Peace Federation-Philippines, when he gave the opening message. He also started the signing of the peace road banner during the signaling of the Bike Peace Tour which started from the Quezon Memorial Circle.

     Who would ever believe that we will soon realize this gargantuan project connecting 127 nations by building tunnels and bridges? Is this really possible? How much will it take to build only one bridge? How many days will it take to build one? Well, perhaps, this will take decades and decades of waiting but to wait for something possible is better than not having to wait at all.

     And who is the brain behind this seemingly impossible dream? He is the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of World Peace Movement and the Universal Peace Federation. He proposed this project called, “World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel” linking a worldwide highway throughout the world and labeled this as the Peace Road.

     Thus, the Peace Road Rally is an activity that has been launched worldwide from May 30 to August 30 in 127 nations including the Philippines.

     Representatives of religious leaders led the universal prayer for peace. Hon. Bayani Hipol gave the welcome remarks before the bikers started their rally. The bikers organizations are the:

Paltok Bikers, North Olympus Bikers, Squad Biker, Manila Bikers Association, Cheon Il Guk Missionary, United Folding Bikers, SIDM Beast Mode, MMCQ Bikers and XBC group.

     It is very delightful to witness happy faces beaming with smiles. Bikers, walkers, strollers, laborers, students, professionals, vendors, oh, people of all walks of life, enjoying the rally as they marched along the QC Memorial Circle, then towards Commonwealth avenue, White Plains avenue, EDSA and back to Quezon Circle.

     Meanwhile, in the QC Circle, people enjoyed watching the show of skill and adeptness of Martial Arts students of the International Peace Leadership College in Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal performing the “Tong Il Moo Do” and the PUP students of Manila performing the Philippine Serenata and also the performance of CheonIl Guk Youth volunteers.

   The Armed Forces of the Philippines, PNP regional office in Calabarzon, and Philippine Navy also showed off their skill in playing the band. Then everybody raised their hands and shouted with loud voice and cheers of “Eog Mansei-Mabuhay”

     Councilor Hipol said he is happy that Quezon City has become a venue for the launching of this global activity.

     “For the sake of the children of the next generation,” Malicdem said, “Let us build peace within ourselves with the Creator.”   (FVS)

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