Local Halal industry getting noticed: execs

THE DEMAND for Halal products and services has continued to rise with consumers that opt for better quality purchasing options, a top official of Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Exposition (PHTTE) said.

Marilou W. Ampuan, president of PHTTE and trustee of Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII), said the demand increased as it has now gained acceptance even from non-Muslim consumers.

“Halal products and services are no longer merely an Islamic obligation but an insight of global safety and opted as superior healthy option,” Ampuan said in a statement.

With the increasing demand, she said there is a need to continuously enhance the local industry by way of increasing the establishments that offer zero pork products and products that are free from Haram, or those that are forbidden in Islam, include particles from horses, insects, frogs, dogs, and cats.

Industry stakeholders would converge on May 3 to 6 on Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Expo. The expo is also intended to determine a strategic roadmap for the country especially Mindanao to partake in the global Halal market.

Arturo M. Milan, president of DCCCII, said Halal market is a multibillion market that should be tapped to bolster the tourism and trade in the city. He said Halal establishments are needed especially now that there is a link from the city to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Malaysia is composed of over 60% Muslims.

“We need to improve our Davao-Kuala Lumpur route further by boosting the Halal industry,” Milan said. Based on the reports of AirAsia, the airline company that serviced that Davao-Kuala Lumpur route, he said the load factor was high if from Davao at 70% to 75% but low if from Kuala Lumpur to Davao at 30-35%.

Continuous promotion of the route, he said, has to be pursued to sustain the connectivity and bank on the opportunity of catering the Halal market and Indian students that opt to study in Davao City.



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