Live streaming of Duterte inauguration at Mallengke

THE MALLENGKE in Bankerohan will be airing the inauguration of President-Elect Rodrigo R. Duterte as he makes his way towards Malacanang today, June 30, at the Kalayaan Hall of the palace.

Chelo Lorise D. Lahora, assistant marketing manager, Northbank Holdings Corporation, said in an interview with TIMES that the screening was planned a month in advance. The screening will be done through a projector on the 10×10 tarpaulin.

Lahora said that the live airing will begin around 9 a.m. and the first 50 visitors to get free snacks.

“It’s our way of supporting him,” Lahora said. “We thought that because Duterte is from Mindanao, and really from Davao, we decided to hold a live streaming.”

Incidentally, Mallengke is the first private sector-led initiative in Davao to air the event live to the public, especially to audience without access to reliable internet.

Future Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar said the incoming administration has met with a representative from Facebook who offered to air the event live on the social media platform.

According to Lahora, the marketing team of the business venture took the opportunity of broadcasting the event to the community, especially since it was for free, with only their own Internet connection. The primary audience of the screening are the tenants of Mallengke.

Lahora said that the event was an initiative from the private sector practically done with zero expense.

Asked about the reason for the support, Lahora could only cite her daughter.

“She is six years old,” a hopeful Lahora said. “She might not get to be aware of being protected under Duterte’s term, but I want my daughter to experience what the future brings for the country.”

Lahora said she was aware of the reputation of Bankerohan as a once-crime prone area.

“There’s no more of that now,” Lahora said. “There used to be thieves here but operations here would not stay 24/7 if this place was still full of crime.”

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