LGU records 2,000 more Lumads families this year

THE LOCAL  government recorded a 20% increase in the volume of visiting Lumads this year, which only complicated the problem of finding shelter for them.

Liwayway Caligdong, assistant department head for the City Social Services and Development Office, said they were able to service 26,812 individuals since the start of their operations from Dec. 4 until the 26th.

“In 2014 there were 10,275 visiting lumad families. We still provided the same assistance of two kilos of rice a day [for 2015],” said Caligdong.

The TIMES in a previous report said the concerned offices provided birthing assistance to at least five Lumad mothers in the shelter areas around the middle of December.

Caligdong said the City Engineer’s Office started ferrying the families back to their homes last Dec. 25 and 26 through the city government trucks.

“Those from Marilog and Paquibato were brought home, while those from the north side like in Arakan Valley and Agusan were either dropped until Buda or at the city terminal,” said Caligdong, adding the trucks were only allowed to operate within the city.

The CSSDO said they have provided more than a million kilos of rice during the 23 day operations for Lumads.

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