LGU not giving up on city college, hospital just yet

THE CITY government is considering the creation of a local college and hospital in the next few years, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said.

 As a part of her state of the city address (Soca), the mayor said that the local government is currently pushing for a financial support-based education program for local tertiary education. “We are still mulling the possibility of a city college,” the Mayor said.

 However, the mayor said the current best practice is to provide financial assistance for students to get into prestigious universities instead of running a city college whose performance could possibly deteriorate.

 “Based on my personal experience in government, operating businesses usually deteriorate over time and the quality of service becomes stagnant.”

 “I believe using scholarships to send students to world class private schools is a better strategy and better for their resume,” she said.

 However, the plan is still not being shelved, as the local government is still including in its plans for the 2018 budget funding for a feasibility project for the establishment of a city-run community college and community hospital.

 “Be that as it may, we plan to include a feasibility study in the 2018 budget for a community college and community hospital,” Mayor Duterte said.

 Meanwhile, the local government is continuing its support program for its barangay-level education support.

 “We have increased the honorarium of our home-based day care teachers and some of the barangay-based teachers. We believe that the increased incentives will improve the quality of the educational preparation made for our young children’s entry to kindergarten,” the Mayor said.

 Duterte added that the local government has allocated funding from the Special Education Fund that reduced classroom shortage by 22%.

 At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, schools in Davao City faced a shortage of 851 classrooms.

 “Appropriations using the Special Education Fund for the school year have trimmed down the shortage by 22% or 665 classrooms for the current school year,” the Mayor said.

 City Hall has also funded 1,059 city government scholars through the Educational Benefit Systems Unit.

These include 560 college students under the scholarship on tertiary education program (STEP), financial assistance program for 52 Lumad students, financial support for 37 medical students and 19 law students, technical and vocational skills trainings for 49 students, and educational assistance for 14 PWDs.

 The local government is also supporting 248 students under its special educational assistance program, as well as educational assistance for 80 students whose families were affected by terrorist attacks here.

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