LETTER TO THE EDITOR| CPP-NDF is not showing sincerity

I WAS frustrated with how the leadership of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Communist Party of the Philippines and the New Peoples’ Army have responded to the call of peace or ceasefire by the President of this Republic.

Personally, the declaration of unilateral ceasefire should not happen specially that we are dealing with hypocrites and liars. But I believe it is what others needed to believe what these organizations really are.

In the declaration of unilateral ceasefire, the President was good faith that the leadership of the hypocrites will reciprocate. But then again, the liars that they are, they did not heed the call and and moved to fire first.

How frustrating. How infuriating.

In the recent news reports I have read, countless lives are wasted. Ongoing inhumane and unjust activities of the NPAs have made people suffer and to top it all is the closure of an establishment, establishments where thousands of mouths have depended on.

It was clear. It was well-discussed and described. One of the reasons why these NPAs exist is to help people alleviate their means of living. They exist to defend the less fortunate ones. They condemn corruption. They condemn sufferings that the poor are already experiencing.

However, how could those cited above be in consistent with what they are doing?

Anticipating, these NPAs will have a way to justify their acts. Their mouthpiece would find an acceptable reason why they have escalated attacks on the plantation. But truth have come out, they have proven on their own that they are not what they claimed to be. But they are just nuisance of this society that needs to be isolated.

What the NPAs have done does not only deserve a condemnation but an action that would serve justice to those who were displaced from their jobs and suffer hunger.

May others will also realize how cruel these communists are. May they also be introduced of how duplicitous they are. May they also have courage to strongly object the ideas coming from these criminals.

Respectfully yours,

Diane Abella

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