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Manila, 4 September 2018

Mindanao Times

With reference to the series of articles entitled “Who are Fetullah Gulen and Andrew Brunson” and “Who are Fetullah Gulen and Andrew Brunson, the Imam and the Pastor prompting sanctions and threats against Turkey?” by Aland Mizell which were published on your online news portal between 30 August 4 September 2018, we would like to bring to your kind attention the following:

Mr. Mizell rightfully characterizes the Fetullah Gulen Terrorist Organization (FETO) as “one of the biggest and most dangerous, as well as probably the most sophisticated and large scaled cults” and accurately gives a detailed explanation of FETO’s illegal activities under the facade of a civic movement for charity. The author‘s description of FETO and its structures/members does indeed confirm and conform with our views/statements regarding this terror group. its affiliated structures in the Philippines and their concealment strategy.

These less known facts on the dark underbelly of FETO have also been raised by this Embassy in different platforms as well as in the media so as to duly inform the Philippine public opinion about the true nature of this sinister organization. Thus. the Embassy has no objection to the parts of the said articles about FETO and its leader Fetullah Gulen and fully agrees with such remarks of the author: “a cult, such as Gulen’s, can be more dangerous than terrorism.”

However, Mr. Mizell seems to have a misconception about not receiving any reply/objection from us regarding his articles. A careful overview of the “Mindanao Times” archives should reveal that in the past this Embassy responded to some of Mr. Mizell’s articles when it deemed necessary and its replies were published.

Furthermore, it is not possible to accept the insinuations of the author in the following paragraph: one of Gulen’s group who uses a different name and sends my columns to the Turkish Embassy trying to characterize me as an enemy of Turkey and charging that I write negatively about Turkey and President Erdogan.”

Since Mr. Mizell almost regularly writes about Turkey and the overall situation in its surrounding region. this Embassy follows his articles as much as possible with its nucleus staff. Thus, his assumption that his articles are being specifically sent to the Embassy by certain groups/individuals is incorrect.

However, it is highly likely that Mr. Mizell is being pressured and maybe even threatened by certain groups and individuals because of his articles revealing the criminal acts of FETO and its leader. Thus, we condemn such threats and slander campaigns targeting anyone including Mr. Mizell who courageously informs the public opinion about FETO, its concealment strategy and deceptive tactics which indeed pose a serious threat to any country it operates.

We would appreciate if you could publish this letter.





Melek Dilsen Seymenoglu
Turkish Embassy in Manila

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