Leave poll firms alone, Duterte says of plan to regulate surveys

MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte said there’s no need for a law regulating survey firms, in the wake of the social media poll launched by former North Cotabato governor Emmanuel Piñol Jr. to gauge the pulse of the public for the preferred president in 2016. “This is a democratic country. You are entitled to your foolishness,” said Duterte in an interview Wednesday night at the Grand Men Seng hotel.

Piñol presented on Wednesday the initial results of his “inconclusive” survey showing Duterte as the top pick among 919 respondents with more than 700 votes.

Piñol said his survey was merely to get the real feelings of the people with regards to their presidential candidate, and not about showing Duterte as the favored lead.

Binay in several presidential choice surveys has consistently been the top pick, despite facing allegations of corruption regarding overpriced Makati City facilities, and a 350- hectare estate in Batangas.

However, depending on the results of his survey, Piñol might raise the matter to the senate and ask that a law be crafted to regulate the results coming from national firms, naming Pulse Asia, the Social Weather Station and Novo Trends as some of the questionable firms.

“Who are funding for and responding to these surveys? Surveys are important because it conditions the mind of the masses,” he said, especially since it they are conducted in the run-up to the election season.

The former governor added there are people commissioning the surveys and paying the firms to include the names of their candidates, making the results a “scam and creating a bandwagon effect.”

Duterte however, said it would not be necessary because “presidents are not elected through surveys.”

“I don’t think it would be good to punish people for coming out with these [results],” he said.

The mayor added he has not seen the initial results of Piñol’s survey, which can be accessed on his Facebook page MannyPiñol.com through the application http://www.epoll.me.

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