Landslide warning

THE CITY Hall yesterday issued a public warning on the “imminent danger” of landslide in the vicinity of Shrine Hills and Diversion Road, particularly in front of the old dump site.

 The City Information Office, in a press statement, warned residents and motorists within the areas identified as highly dangerous zones.

 The statement said any landslide that may hit CP Garcia Highway (popularity known as Diversion Road) is sure to pose danger to motorists.

 Emmanuel Jaldon, head of the city’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center, noted ground cracks on the upper portion of the hill, which indicated movements.

Here are the initial actions taken:

1. Informed the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of the situation and recommended immediate installation of early warning signals along the highway for motorists and for people living within the danger zones;

2. Advised property owner of a surplus vehicles shop to immediately stop the excavation of slope walls as these activities could trigger landslides;

3. Issuance of warning notices to people living in danger zones; and

4. Request CEO to issue ‘No Habitation Notice’ to a religious group that is constructing a building on top of the hill.

The areas identified as landslide prone are located in the Barangays of Matina Crossing, Matina Pangi and Langub, all in Talomo District.

CP Garcia Highway is a major alternate road linking Talomo District (in the first district) and Buhangin District (in the second district). Motorists use the route to skip traffic in the downtown areas.

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