K to 12 remains a challenge for private schools – DACS

The Davao Association of Catholic Schools admitted that the K to 12 program remains a challenge for private schools.

Jimmie Loe Vega, executive director of the DACS, said the private schools have to compete with the government’s free educational services.

He said it’s a challenge on how to maintain the quality of education while at the same time sustain the resources to ensure the students and teachers are equipped with the right tools to maximize learning.

With that said, Vega said the local educational system needs to be upgraded to produce graduates that can compete with other countries.
Some may believe that the program will cause additional burden to parents but Vega understood how the government is looking at it on longer-term, especially on the employability of the graduates.
“If we insist on 10-year basic educational program, that would present a difficulty
for our students,” said Vega.

In the implementation of K to 12 program, the DACS already received a lot of
positive feedback from parents. Students who graduated from senior high school have
transitioned much easier when they continued college or went on to join the

He said half of the total senior graduates in the Philippines are from private

By Regina Mae Ronquillo

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