Scene City | Jojie Alcantara’s surprise birthday party

It was really supposed to be a surprise but Jojie heard everything while her friends were planning a party for her! Anyway, she did not spoil the fun and just let the whispering close friends and sister Karen go ahead with everything they were planning. received_1769925546391176 On Jan. 12, 2018, we went to Mia Figlia for the “surprise party.” There were several kinds of pasta prepared for the guests, organic green salad, fruit juice with chopped apples and cucumber, apple pie and a birthday cake. Chiqui Aportadera brought the boneless lechon and the Iberian Chicken, the specialties of Peppers Iberica Resto. received_1769925549724509 Joyce Mariscal and Joel Bagas sponsored the occasion at Figlia Mia and displayed their artistic talents hanging colorful balloons on the ceiling. Leebai Ambolotdo brought another dish as she entered the cozy resto at Mabini Street corner Mariner in Dona Vicenta Village. received_1769925556391175 Amy Cabusao and Ian Ray Garcia joined the fun in wishing Jojie a happy birthday. received_1769925553057842 Jojie blew her birthday candle which was actually a mini-sparkler which filled the room with bright sparks, signaling a bright and happy year ahead for 2018! received_1769925566391174

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