Jewelry and make-up make a perfect match

IT WAS a party held at the home of Roberto and Danney Barnett where the members of Rotary Club of South Davao gathered for dinner and enjoyed the evening viewing a jewelry exhibit, a make-up demo by Carine Bacani and another demo by husband and wife team Dariel and Cathy of Team Q Photography.

For what good is wearing a beautiful set of jewelry when one is not wearing the appropriate make-up to go with it? That is why the guests of the party had a lot of learnings from the make-up demo and photography experts. They had fun choosing the jewelry as well.

Olga Murray related how she learned to make jewelry from pewter, a metal abundant in her native land, Honduras. She also went to the United States to further her skills. Her two partners, Malena Murray from Panama and Vilma Rivera from Honduras, have admirable skills in designing jewlry that their team has produced excellent pieces of jewelry with raw materials sourced from Bali, Indonesia, precious stones from Thailand and India and Pearls from the Philippines. Although they are not jewelry designers by profession, they have been creating unique pieces for the past six years and keep updated with new design trends. They started out with their home business with their Mayan Pewter Collection inspired by their heritage and culture of the incredible and advance Mayan civilization.

Always proud of their culture, they recently introduced a new Pewter line called “Mi Tierra” (My Land) featuring Honduran architecture. They also have new designs using sterling silver Indian quartz connectors as well as Thai and Balinese sterling silver.

Carine Bacani, make-up artist is also a beauty workshop trainer who works with clients for different occasions like weddings, billboard advertisements and magazines.

M.O.V. Designers exhibited their jewelry to wear this coming yuletide season.

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