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“President Duterte wants lawmakers to expedite the amendment (revision) of the (1987) Constitution to allow a shift to federalism, but there is not enough support for it in the Senate, according to Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri. He says there can be no constituent assembly (Con-Ass) unless the voting on the proposed amendments will be separate. Only four senators favor federalism, he says.” (Cha-cha lacks Congress support, “Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 13, 2018).


Our People’s RevGov for Real Democracy Alliance (PRRDA’s) prediction that the Senate cannot get the three-fourth vote required by the 1987 Constitution to be able to amend or revise our flawed and unresponsive 1987 Constitution thru Constituent Assembly seems on the verge of reality. Based on some Senators current actuations on this nagging issue, our Senators are taking their time on the matter. Let’s hear what Senate Chair of the Constitutional Amendment Committee Senator Francis Pangilinan who recently opined: “I think we should discuss first whether or not we should change the Charter before we talk about what should be amended.” O come on Sir. We federalists see this as one of your group’s delaying tactics to paralyze thru long debates on Charter Change! “Ubusin ang termino ni PRRD para walang Federal, ang gusto ng yellow Army.”

Another sorrowful obstacle to Constitutional Reform (Con-Ref) that just arose are the highly questionable Federalism proposals of the Consultative Committee (Con-Com) headed by Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno. “Matatalino naman ang mga membro ng Con-Com pero bakit nagkaganito?”

We are referring to Con-Com’s disastrous proposals of creating 18 weak Federal Regions in the country and still maintaining a centralized Federal National Government inconsistent with the aspiration of pro-federal Filipinos. Surely, such worst type of Permissive Federalism will contribute further to the delay of our Con-Ref. This will trigger more debates and confrontations which could have been avoided if only Con-Com heeds the warnings of other long experienced federalists and constitutionalists.” Ang malaking problema sa Congress ay dinagdagan pa ng malaking problema sa Con-Com, ano kaya ang gagawin ni Presidente Duterte para maayos ito?”

Now enters the Dragon – the only viable option to resolve once and for all these tough-nut issue of going Federal. This is RevGov in a democratic way (with PEOPLE’S MANDATE) for honest-to-goodness Constitutional Reform to establish a Federal System in the Philippines.

How could this be effectively done, is explained in detail in our 2018 Pamphlet titled: “liberate our people, save our nation, thru RevGov in a Democratic Way”. There are three articles in this Pamphlet that deal specifically on this matter, namely:

1. Do We Need Duterte’s Federalism and Revolutionary Government?

2. How to RevGov in a Democratic Way

3. When to RevGov.

Prof. Edilberto C. de Jesus last January 2018 wrote: “The shift in political structure is major surgery. What benefits will federalism bring and by what means will they materialize? Which limbs or organs will the surgeons amputate? What foreign elements will they implant? How much will the operation cost? How long is the expected period of recovery? The doctors prescribing the cure have not yet given a comprehensive explanation of the process to the patient.” Very good comparison, I would say.

Prof. De Jesus rightly advised: “Prudence dictates that anyone contemplating major surgery seeks a second and third opinion to review the soundness of the diagnosis; assess the aptness of the proposed cure: and evaluate the surgeon’s integrity and skill. This precaution comes especially with the possibility that the doctors MAY PROFIT beyond what they deserve from the surgery.”

Thus, who will then finally draft the honest-to-goodness Federal Constitution after President Duterte declared a RevGov with People’s Mandate, is the 24 dollar question that will confront PRRD.

Our humble unsolicited advice on this is: After President Duterte thru People’s Mandate declared a Revolutionary Government (RevGov), is for him to appoint Atty. Aristeo Vicente Albay, Chair of Davao-based Tagapagtanggol ng Mamamayan Development Centers, Inc. (TMDCI) and its movement group Kilos Pederal sa Pagbabago (KPP), to head a 20-man veteran Federalist Constitutional Commission (Con-Com) which the President will immediately create to review and revise some parts of the draft.

Federal – Presidential Constitution formulated by the Consultative Committee (Con-Com) particularly its highly questionable Federalism and Transitory) proposals. The members of the new Con-Com are to be selected by Atty. Albay and appointed by the President.

This way the final draft of our new Federal – Presidential Constitution could be presented to the Filipino people for approval or rejection in a nationwide Plebiscite. Then President Duterte can create now the Transition Commission to do its job.

We got a very disturbing information that if the Senate will not participate in a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass), the Lower House will do it alone to revise our 1987 Constitution and submit their output for Plebiscite and let those who oppose this move go to the Supreme Court to question the Lower House action in this regard. Boy o boy, this is highly unconstitutional and our people know this. We are sure that the people will get angry on such desecration of our Charter and reject in the Plebiscite such illegally drafted Constitution. Please abandon this ignoble idea and avoid the wrath of our people.

There is this famous saying that, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Some concerned federalists are asking if President Duterte has still the political will to go federal? Yes, we think that he still has the political will. The only viable way is RevGov in a Democratic Way meaning with People’s Mandate. But to get the People’s Mandate require effective massive information drive for Federalism. Thus, the President must immediately appoint a competent federalist retired general as his ground commander in going federal assisted with a small team of advisers composed of veteran federalists mostly Mindanaoans.

We must win the war for the hearts and minds of our people to support a RevGov with People’s Mandate for honest-to-goodness Constitutional Reform and shift to a more democratic Federal System.

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