Investors told to include climate resilience in plan

INVESTORS that are locating in Mindanao must include their plans to make their investments climate-resilient as the island has become vulnerable to weather disturbances like typhoons, a government official said.

Romeo Montenegro, Mindanao Development Authority director for Investment Promotions and Public Affairs, said weather disturbances, typhoons among them, have become the major concern of companies that want to invest in Mindanao.

“Major typhoons are appearing to be new norms in Mindanao, and that is a concern for some in the private sector that have been affected by these changes in the weather pattern,” said Montenegro.

In the past, one major marketing pitch when government agencies would invite businesses to Mindanao was that the island was shielded from typhoon. “We used to have that slide (on Minndanao being a typhoon-free area for investments,” he said.

However, two powerful typhoons hit Mindanao in the last four years, the typhoon Sendong that swept through Northern Mindanao in 2011 and typhoon Pablo which devastated Southern Mindanao in 2012.

Montenegro said that investors have not totally discourage in relation to investing in Mindanao because there has yet been no scientific study that shows Mindanao is within the typhoon belt, unlike Luzon and some parts of the Visayas.

“What is important is that the private sectors also adapt,” he said.

The agency is the lead in the implementation of the Low Emissions Development Strategies, a Unites States Agency for International Development-supported program designed to lower the greenhouse gases emission.

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