Inquiry on quarry

Councilor says barangay officials ask grease money for gravel operators

A CITY councilor said legislators are looking into reports that some barangay officials are asking money from sand and gravel quarry operators.

Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang, chair of the council’s committee on Finance, Ways and Means, said they have received a lot of complaints on the matter, hence there is a need to look into it.

Dayanghirang said they have invited the concerned barangay officials and quarry operators in next council’s session to tackle the issue.

This as council is planning to impose a 50 percent increase on sand and gravel and other quarry resources as part of amendments to the 2005 Revenue Code of Davao City.

Based on the proposed amendments, the P15 per cubic meter tax for the quarry resources will be increased to P30.

The city’s tax for quarry operation is at its low as some provinces and towns are imposing P100 per cubic meter.

This early, Dayanghirang said quarry operators are already complaining, citing “there are a lot of unnecessary collections” from the barangay.

Dayanghgirang also said that they could not easily increase the tax as the cost of sand and gravel per cubic in the city is around P800.

The proposed amendment will cover ordinary stones, sand, gravel, earth and other quarry resources, such as but not limited to marble, granite, volcanic cinders, basalt, tuff and rock phosphate, extracted from public lands or from the beds of seas, lakes, rivers, stream creeks, and other public waters within the territorial jurisdiction of the city.