Inday Sara, City Hall to lose 12,010 pounds

MAYOR Sara Duterte-Carpio has pledged that City Hall employees will lose a total of 12,010 pounds, 10 pounds of which coming from her own weight, by December for a national weight loss initiative.

 Mayor Duterte made the announcement during Monday’s flag ceremony at City Hall.

 “We have always considered every time we work out as our ‘first day’ of working out,” the Mayor said.

 Duterte lauded the initiative and said that the local government will encourage its employees to lose weight.

 During the flag ceremony, the Mayor publicly “weighed” chief of staff Raul Nadela, Jr., City Administrator Zuleika Lopez, and other officials, to encourage their respective departments to be part of the health initiative.

The city council and the employees at the Sangguniang Panlungsod will release its counterpart pledge by Tuesday.

 The initiative is called the Fit Fil weight loss program, and was coursed to the city government through City Sports Coordinator Mikey Aportadera.

 The challenge requires interested parties to pledge a certain amount of pounds in terms of lost weight, with the local government units encouraged to join.

 Interested parties login to and follow several steps.

 These include an official weigh-in, as well as a public pledge of losing weight.

 Participants also create video pledges shared on social media with hashtags #FitFil, #FitFilChallengeAccepted, and #PledgeToDonate.

 Participants are also required to engage to engage in forms of physical fitness activities ranging from one month to six months.

After the period, participants will be weighed out to officially count the lost weight.

Aportadera said the city supported the initiative as part of its health measures, especially for its employees.

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