ICT for health centers

THE CITY council is working on a legislation to equip health centers with information and communicaiton technology resources to deliver optimum service. Councilor Mary Joselle Villafuerte, chair of the committee on health, said a memorandum of agreement is being drafted by the city with the Department of Health to bring in Integrated Clinic Information System (or iClinicSys).

“iClinicSys will help us implement an ICT-enabled Philippine Health System. It will become the country’s electronic medical records databank,” Villafuerte said in TIMES interview.

According to DOH, iClinicSys can provide a “systematic way to manage patient records and generates standardized reporting requirements both at the local and national level.” This is expected to improve health workforce productivity, quality of care, operations and health monitoring and reporting.

She said the city will be responsible for providing and maintaining of necessary tech and resources required to implement the system. “This means providing 17 computers—one per district health center.

Personnel from these centers will also be trained to take on responsibilities like prompt input of data, as well as management and backup. She said many personnel are already trained to handle these data, while others are pending training.

Data in iClinicSys will be verified by these personnel and will be stored securely. This will be submitted to DOH and PhilHealth regularly.

Through this data, Villafuerte said, DOH will be able to acquire necessary data to design and implement health programs that are customized according to LGU needs.

“The best part about all of this is that the software is free,” she said. “This is part of the larger Philippine Health Agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte.”

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