Cultural Potpourri | I-Sayaw Dance Studio’s “Movie Classics to Classics”

The I-Sayaw Dance Studio staged its successful summer dance recital entitled “Movie Classics to Classics” last June 1, 2018, at the SM City Annex Entertainment Center. Grandparents, parents, guests, yayas and drivers, and mall shoppers filled the venue and were delighted to see the energetic presentation showcasing ballet, tap dance, and hip-hop performed to all time movie themes as well as classical music.
The excited audience was welcomed with a heartfelt prayer interpreted through dance rendered by a talented seven-year-old girl, Julianne Simbulan, to the tune of “Ave Maria.” After the solemn number which quieted the audience, selected I-Sayaw students enlivened everyone with an energized opening salvo danced to the tune of the Greatest Showman’s “Come Alive.” What was interesting to note was that the choreography was realized through the collaborative creativity of the young dancers themselves.
Next came a series of ballet performances inspired by movie themes namely “The Incredibles” danced by the Babies Ballet; “Pink Panther” performed by Ballet I-A; “Lavender Blue” from the Disney classic “Cinderella” interpreted by Ballet I-B; “Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman danced by Ballet II; and the theme from Barbie’s “Princess and the Pauper” lovingly presented by the Advance and Intermediate Ballet students. The ballet dancers’ costumes were truly attractive on stage eliciting admiration from the guests.
Eliciting much laughter and delight was the hip hop number of the Trolls of Beginners; and “Car Wash” from the movie Shark Tale by the Teen class. The tap dancers then put in the rhythm with much bravado as they danced to the music from Despicable Me, Uptown Funk for Tap I, and Happy for Tap II comprised of the more seasoned tap dancers namely Sofi Arcenas, Annika Bautista, Erika Almaden, Anya Mercader, Erinjoy Flordelis, PR Labirua, and Paul Quiachon.

Tap 1 and 2

Tap 1 and 2

To stay within the main theme of Movie Classics to Classics and ballet teacher Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo’s advocacy to promote the arts, the ballet students again showed their learning and mastery of ballet through their different presentations of the classical dances starting with dances in the classical ballet of Sleeping Beauty (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky): Aurora Variation by the lovely Anya Mercader; Blue Bird Female Variation by Ysa Guash; White Cat and Puss-in-Boots by PR Labirua and Kirsten Sabit. March Militaire (Franz Schubert) was danced by the Babies Ballet. Cupid (the Fairy of Love) Variation from Don Quixote (Ludwig Minkus) was energetically performed by Kang Verga. Satanella Male Variation from the Carnival of Venice (Napoleon Henri Rober and Francois Benoist) was interpreted by Pierre Gilles. There were more ballet numbers coming from Giselle and Coppelia performed with gusto by Erika Almaden, Yonex Daymiel plus the Ballet I & II students.
The rather lengthy recital ended with the ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop dancers grooving to the tune of the The Greatest Showman’s “The Greatest Show” to the audience’s loud applause.
“This summer recital continues to emulate I-Sayaw’s mission to educate people on the art of dance; and at the same time, show how learning to dance can be a medium to instill discipline and excellence. Time and again, I-Sayaw has been producing student achievers not only in the field of dance but also in greatly improving their scholastic standing. I-Sayaw will continue to train and guide its students to attain success not only in the field of dance but also success in life,” promises Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo.
I-Sayaw is located at Unit 207 McPod Building, McArthur Highway, Matina. Do checkout its FB page
Thank you, Rey Alba and Kir Ocampo Padawag for the photos used on this page. Wishing you all the best, teacher Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo.
I-Sayaw entire cast

I-Sayaw entire cast

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