Howl raised versus taking down of Reds’ social media accounts

THE COMMUNIST Party of the Philippines (CPP) protested the taking down of its social media sites and attributed the action to the Philippine and United States governments.

In a statement, CPP Information Bureau Media Liaison Vim Montes asked social media sites Facebook and Instagram to restore their pages.

Montes said the action of the social media site Facebook on April 8 “is clearly a case of Facebook censorship and intolerance, contrary to its declared principles of ‘diversity’ and its espousal of an ‘open and connected world.’”

Montes asked Facebook to bring back the PRWC page and all its contents, citing that he page had 10,000 followers before its takedown earlier this month.

“The Facebook takedown is not the only attack against the PRWC’s social media organization. Two days after the PRWC FB Page takedown, the PRWC’s Instagram account, where images of the Philippine revolution are posted, was also deleted without warning or explanation,” Montes said.

Montes called the action censorship.

“This act of censorship against the CPP is not an isolated case. Other revolutionary or progressive organizations and personalities have been arbitrarily taken down as well by Facebook,” the spokesperson said.

To date, the social media managers of the site have formally written both international and Philippine offices of Facebook to address their concern.

However, to date they have not received any response from the team.

“Despite our efforts over the past days to communicate with Facebook, we have received no reply to our demand for an explanation or information why the PRWC page ( was taken down last April 8,” the CPP said in an open letter sent last Apr. 11.

“The takedown of the PRWC’s FB page was carried out just after it had exposed the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for churning out fake news in the mass media and social media. In particular, the PRWC page exposed as fake news the claims of the AFP of armed encounters with the New People’s Army (NPA) to justify the killings of unarmed peasants in the countryside and widespread violations of human rights,” Montes said.

“The PRWC page must be put back online, with all its previous posts and records of Likes and Followers. The community built around it deserves nothing less,” the rebel organization said.

“As a privately-owned platform, Facebook, of course, has the prerogative of doing anything within the realm of its service, including to censor political views and suppress the right to free speech and expression. However, having become a major means of public communication and platform for information exchange, Facebook must respect the public good, including the community’s right to choose what to read and believe in,” Montes added.

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