Honoring My Mother: September means

Two songs prominently feature the month of September. One talks about seeing you when summer is gone, and the other, reminds you to wake up when the month ends.

Well, what do you know, it is that time of year again folkies, and just to be a tag official about it, let’s talk a bit about what makes this month “espeysial,” not only among songsters but ordinary people as well.

Here, most of us pinoys believe that, despite all the “kayod” (struggles) we face in life from the months of January up to August, come the first of September, things will slowly begin to take on a new (and more positive) turn somewhat.

For one, Christmas songs will begin their gradual takeover of the airwaves and every shopping mall’s house music. The establishments’ facades will likewise undergo slow transformation as the days roll on. In fact, SM, Abreeza and Gaisano have already begun installing Christmas lights on their walkways people! All these, unimportant as they may seem, lighten up our mental load somewhat with the thought that better times are definitely up ahead. For others with weathervane sixth sense, they will attest that come the first of September, the wind chill changes somehow, steadily bringing a brrr kind of breeze (thus Septembrrr, get it?).

Now, I have heard this many times before, that the Philippines is where the longest celebration of Christmas holidays is at. This may be true, although I have also heard that some cities in Asia have begun to do the same thing. Here, Christmas “starts” in September and ends in mid-January. Some skeptics primarily see this as a marketing and commercialized scheme, because the subject where they garnered 3.0, Finance 101, tells them that everyone spends more during Christmastime. However, while it is true that business takes advantage of this opportunity, it’s actually more than that.

As a people, we are many things. It could be that, for one, we always look forward to celebrating, and doing so with loved ones, family, and friends is the greatest passion ever for us Filipinos. Have you counted how many holidays we celebrate in a year? There’s fiestas, festivals, foundation days, heroes’ birth and death anniversaries or what have you, not to mention Holy Week and Muslim holidays.

Lastly, despite our general status as a relatively not well-off bunch, compared to other countries, we always find hope, joy and happiness in the little things, and hearing Christmas carols and welcoming the cooling breeze are just some of them. Who cares if many of us use these as excuses for R & R or respite from the day-to-day undertakings, this is a good thing right?

In the end, God knows, what we are, are really a unique group of happy, smiling and sturdy people who know how to appreciate a good thing and more important, anticipate an up and coming good time. As a dear friend used to say, work hard and rest easy.
Now, wake me up, let’s cool some beers.

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