Honoring My Mother | Perspectives on a one-way street

I WAS RECENTLY in a conversation with some friends and our topic stumbled into “how do you deal with an obnoxious person?”The way it went was, this one friend had a mate, who was the kind that everybody avoided because she always appeared to be seeking attention. Aside from her never-ending side comments, her penchant for always taking the opposite side in any discussion and adding her personal experience to whatever was the topic at the moment, wore thinly on everyone. Naturally, the suggestion to confront her for getting on their nerves was raised, but apparently, after stopping for a while, she would be back at it again. In exasperation, their only recourse became complete avoidance of that person, but this was difficult because they were officemates.

Being the eldest in this odd mix, I chipped in by hinting that she might be going through something and that this was her own way of crying for help. This idea is close to me you see, as I had a friend who took his own life last year and I thought that maybe his cry for help was not heard among his closest peers. While some agreed, others merely shook their heads, tilted their drinks, attacked the pulutan, and moved on to lighter topics, as though I had hit a funny bone.

Even with already a near-bucket of beer safely nesting in my well-endowed SanMig abs, I still couldn’t switch to another frequency. My mind drifted back and forth to that irritating office person and then it segued to the hasty (and nasty) judgments we had thrown long ago in our younger years which, often with a mix of humor, color-dyed our opinions of other people, at their expense. Everyone’s been at it since time immemorial, whether we liked it or else, because, we all know peer pressure is a terrible thing, folkies. Perhaps that’s why fraternities, cliques and the like still abound till today. Well maybe the exceptions would be the lone wolves. They are those whose opinions of others are safely switched to silent as they only have themselves to talk to during those long walks towards home. Sad thing is, almost always, they are the target of small talk.

At this, I have now taken the middle road. My sarcastic evil twin still occasionally fires away sometimes and he comes out as though there are ants in his pants. My left side of Pisces meanwhile, is the forever-brooding empath, cool as a cumberbatch, and always silent, but never numb. Oftentimes, it rebukes the dark side and tames it. These forces incessantly struggle like diarrhea inside me and have molded this senior cit into the drone that he’s become. That would mean, whenever I’m animated and loose (after five or six bottles more or more), I’m speaking in tongues and dancing like a pony, but during my pensive moments, I’ll be guilty as hell and sorry for all the sins of humankind.

Nevertheless in the end, everything eventually boils down to perspectives. As we all see the world differently, our opinions are naturally as unique as our fingerprints, and that’s a-okay. It’s just important that we keep our wits together and not bash each other, and I mean that in the literal, verbal and over-the-internet sense. I have witnessed parties who disagreed so much that they rushed outside and beat each other with their fistful of perspectives.


Let’s just go out into the world and multi… er, do math.

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