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People are like books sometimes.

Consider: how we deal with others, and how we treat them, can actually be barometers that hint at what kind of person we are. Now I don’t really know how accurate this is, but, after taking into consideration a number of factors, like personal problems at the moment plus other excess baggage, I would say that I’m willing to try my darnedest best to understand why that señorita at the grocery is shouting at her maid. A difficult book to read, this one.

Letting off steam is quite understandable, especially if one were under a certain amount of stress. That’s Psychology 101 right there. Now, if you want to complicate it with a little Marx, your reaction to stress may directly be proportional to what social class you belong. Haha.

However, constantly whining away and clawing at anything that moves, may be another thing entirely (as in a bolt is loose, folks). As my psychiatrist-friend would say, a lot of twisted heads these days. It’s just too bad anger management is not so popular in this part of the human jungle. I always see a lot of people with chips on their shoulders, as though they were the latest in-thing. Even social media is awash with so much digital negativity these days, you’d believe they were blood-related to LeBron. Just check the trash-talking comments on the NBA finals or the Mocha-Kris circus.

It’s what Paul Simon would sum up as “…people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening…”

My tongue-in-cheek guess would be this primordial soup we’re stuck and swimming in. Everything, from the books we read, TV shows we watch, music we listen to, even the toxic people we’ve interacted with, and all else, mold us and influence our perception of the world. Thus, all our actions (and reactions) are direct results of these influences. We are what we eat after all. In the words of JFK, Ich bin ein Berliner (I’m a jelly doughnut).

Meanwhile back at the ranch, have you heard of the saying that the flutter of butterfly wings in a remote forest can have an effect on other parts of the world? That’s inter-connectivity folks. The fresh water you drink is actually Jurassic-old, you are stardust, and all that other new-world stuff one reads about in our fake news-infested internet.

So, what’s our take in all this hoopla? Frankly, I don’t know. Talking about stressed-out people interconnected with the rest of humanity is a daunting thing, but I’ll go along with the status quo on this one as it hollers “Who cares?”

After all, we still haven’t answered life’s first two questions, which are, ‘who am I’ and ‘where are we headed’.

Einstein was right all along in saying, our stupidity is as infinite as the universe.

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