HMO opens wing at local hospital

HEALTH maintenance organization (HMO) Maxicare has opened a multimillion peso exclusive wing for its cardholders at the Metro Davao Medical Research Center Inc. (MDMRCI) along JP Laurel, in an inauguration held last Friday.Maxicare President and CEO Christian Argos said that the facility aims to cater to the needs of its planholders, with the seventh floor of the hospital exclusively for their use.

The state of the art facility has around 15 rooms with priority to be given to patients admitted under a Maxicare plan.

The wing is the first outside Luzon, with four already in Metro Manila.

Each room comes with automated beds, 42-inch television, as well as a Netflix subscription in high definition to ensure comfort for its patients.

The wing also has a dedicated station supervised by Maxicare representatives to make transactions between the patient, the hospital, and the HMO smoother.

Meanwhile, Argos said that Maxicare is opening up more opportunities for individual accounts, aside from corporate accounts, to encourage patients who want to manage their health needs, as well as those of their dependents.

Already out in the market is a product called Maxicare’s e-Ready, a one-time pre-paid accident insurance that would foot all of the bills incurred in an accident, with the card worth less than P700.

Argos said that Maxicare is hoping to double its existing 150,000 plan holders in Mindanao, with the number excluding account holders who are locked in alongside the office’s headquarters in areas such as Metro Manila.

Maxicare has 1.2 million planholders throughout the country.

Argos said Mindanao is the second-largest Maxicare market next to Luzon.

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