Historic Sports Car Rally “Tour de Cebu” reels off Oct. 14-16*Torres, Ng, MSCC to head cast

DAVAO City’s sportsman-businessman Willie Torres (right) and chief mechanic Toto take a souvenir photo with his 1972 MG-B 1600 Roadster. Torres along with Joseph Ng will represent the Manila Sports Car Club in this year’s Tour de Cebu.

THE ANNUAL Tour de Cebu, the only historic rally event is back with another 1,000 kilometers traversing across the Visayas.

From October 14-16, over 40 historic sports cars and cars with racing heritage will participate in an exciting 3-day road adventure from Cebu to Bohol and back to Cebu. This event is being organized by the Performance and Classics Enthusiasts of Cebu (PACE), the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) and Tradeshow International Incorporated.

The “Tour de Cebu” is a three-day “Mille Migalia-inspired” historic and touristic rally 16 with regularity race covering 1,000 kilometers across the Visayas. The event is open to historic sports cars manufactured not later than December 31 of 1972. Unlike speed races, Tour de Cebu is a regularity event which must be completed in a pre-defined time and not in the fastest time possible. Crossing the line early or late makes no difference as one may still gain penalty points. The winner is the car with lowest penalty score. Adding features of a regularity race or time-controlled system to the to the already fun event elevates the participants’ experience to a whole new level. The fun part here is that both driver and navigator will have to work closely together to face the challenges presented in the Road Book.

The event promises to be a great weekend of Motoring which will start at the SM Seaside City Cebu with a mall display of the participating cars. The public will get the chance to “meet and greet” the drivers and co-drivers some of which are celebrities in their respective fields. The will be followed by a Ceremonial Flag-off coinciding with SM’s annual Gear and Glam Fashion event. The next days will bring the cars to the newly opened BE Grand Resort in Bohol where the three major rally stages will be held. The awarding ceremony will be staged at the Chateau de Busay in Cebu.

Davao City’s sportsman-businessman Willie Torres and Joseph Ng will represent team Manila Sports Car Club using a 1972 MG-B 1600 Roadster. Participating historic sports cars and cars with racing heritage include a 1960 Porsche 356 T5 Carbrio Super 90,  1961 Jaguar XKE (3.81L), 1962 Porsche 356, 1964 Karmann Ghia, 1964 Porsche 356C 1600, 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 1500, 1968 Mercedes Benz 280 SL 2800, 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe 2.8, 1969 MG-B GT (1800cc), 1969 Porsche 911T, 1971 Ford Escort Mk1, 1971 Porsche 914 2.5L, 1972 Datsun 240Z, 1973 Alfa Romeo Spyder 2000, 1973 Datsun 240Z 2.4L, 1973 Porsche 911T,  1974 Porsche 914 2.0L, 1975 Porsche 914/6, Cobra Replica, Kougar, Lotus Eleven Replica, Michel Speedster, Morgan 3-wheeler (197cc), Porsche 911E, Sunbeam Alpine and a Toyota S800.

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