High survey ratings alarm Rody Duterte

THE SURPRISE high rating of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte in non-formal random surveys conducted recently has alarmed him saying that this is an indication of people’s discontent with the establishment.

A recent informal survey conducted by ANC Talkback show hosted by Tina Monzon-Palma showed Duterte topping the voters’ preference for both President and Vice President.

This followed a Facebook EPoll survey I conducted two weeks ago which showed Duterte garnering 66% of over 5,000 on-line votes followed by Miriam Defensor Santiago with 15% with Vice President Jejomar Binay coming in last.

“If I were a politician dreaming of a high position like the Presidency, I will be very elated by the survey results, however informal, which showed that I am the preferred Presidential candidate,” he said right after landing from Hong Kong late this afternoon.

In fact, he said, some politicians would go around town to announce it.

“But there is a deeper meaning to this survey result and it alarms me because I look at this as a protest vote and an indication that people are disillusioned with the establishment and our national political leaders,” Duterte said.

“Here I am a rural politician who has declared time and again that I am not interested to run for President and who is being linked to extra-judicial killings in my city and yet people prefer me to be their President? This is alarming,” he said.

“I should be happy but I am not. I am scared at how bad the perception of people is for the establishment and our national political leaders,” Duterte added.

He said that national political leaders should take notice of the growing and worsening discontent of people with the culture of impunity among politicians, the cases of corruption and the rising criminality in the country.

Duterte said this stark warning could be a prelude to a grim scenario where people would lose their trust in government and respect for public officials.

“That survey rating is not about me. It’s about how sick our society is and how disappointed people are,” the Davao City Mayor said.

Duterte has been firm about his decision not to run for President but two days ago, he agreed that he would open his ears to the pleadings of the people. (BY MANNY PINOL)

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