Help the environment this New Year with SM’s Trash to Cash!

THIS 2015, why not start helping keep the environment healthy? Simple changes in daily routines followed throughout the year can make a difference. It takes 26 days to form a habit and as they say, sometimes, the first step is all that it takes.

Here are some suggestions that are easy to do and can set you on the road to sustainable living.

Use ecobags. When shopping, make sure you bring along your handy ecobag. May it be a canvass bags; paper bags; ‘buri’ or what have you. The goal is reducing the use of plastic bags.

Buy fewer disposable items. Look for long-lasting goods that won’t have to be replaced as often. You’ll reduce waste and save landfill space.

Compost leaves and garden trimmings. The compost will improve your garden soil while reducing waste.

Patronize recycled products. Buying recycled items closes the cycle by putting resources back into use.

Carpool. Carpooling helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. Plus, joining groups while commuting may be an opportunity to strengthen ties and create networks.

Walk. Do errands on foot as part of your exercise program. Walking will help keep automobile pollution down and, like carpooling, help ease traffic congestion.

Switch to environmentally friendly appliances. Not only are they energy-efficient, they release less pollution as well!

Sell recyclables. Clean up your closet/garage and ensure they are disposed of properly by sending it to recyclers. Recyclers process wastes such as plastic, paper, scrap metals, and other recyclables and turn it to something useful.

This year’s first SM Trash to Cash (Recycling Market) will be on Friday and Saturday (January 2 and 3). Visit the Trash to Cash at Parking C of SM City Davao, Parking D of SM Lanang Premier, Las Ramblas Parking at SM City Cagayan de Oro and the Ground Floor of SM City General Santos’s Car Park Building. Trash to Cash event happens every first Friday and Saturday of the month.

For more information, contact your nearest SM mall. Follow them on Facebook for event and promo updates.

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