THE HUMAN body in its entirety is composed of ¾ water and our body weight is almost 2/3 water. It is not known to many but water can help us live longer and healthier.


Next to oxygen, water is the most important and our life is dependent upon it. That is the main reason why we must drink more water every day. Water also dilutes toxins and wastes and helps them out of the body. Fats and cholesterol that don’t dissolve in water have special water-based transport called lipoproteins to help them shuttle around the body.

But what about our skin? We can only feed it with water if we take a bath, this is the main reason, why I made a comprehensive study and experiment on how to nourish our skin with herbal water spray.

My partnership with Edward Alabaster, the founder and formulator of Alabaster Miracle Oil was blessed, we were gifted by GOD to formulate Peppermint Extract, Camomile Tea, Origano Extract and Spring Water to make it a multi-purpose Herbal Body Spray. We did a generous spraying from our head to toe and the result was very inspiring.

The healthy skin benefits that we are enjoying now because of the Herbal Body Spray are the following: it moisturizes and refreshes our skin thus giving as youthful looks, it refreshes our eyes, ears, nose, throat and gums. It nourishes our scalp, vitalize and thicken our thinning hair and many more health benefits. It’s the only Herbal Body Spray that you open your eyes and mouth while spraying.

I can only express my hearts’ joy with this line… All Glory to GOD!

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