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SOMETIMES being into certain group fitness activities can lead you to finding your best pals whom you can call as brothers and sisters in almost all things possible such as in travel, food trips, movie dates, and other fun-filled get together. It is during the lull moments in an exercise class wherein one can throw a little chitchat with each other.

This kind of brief yet sincere exchange of pleasantries on the fitness dance floor have actually created a fitness bond between you and whomever you are beside with. Hence, the FITNESS TEAM BUILDING & ISLAND CRUISING – WITH COACH NINO, was organized, the first and one of its kind in the country if not the whole world.

Select Zumba and fitness enthusiasts and their families from different groups in the city participated in the Fitness Team Building & Island Cruising with Coach Nino last June 25, 2016 at the Talikud Island. The mini-cruise included stopovers in two revered diving spots in the island, the Coral Cove and Angel Cove spots. Likewise, the laughter-filled fellowship games were conducted at the Babu Santa beach area. However, it is the Zumba Party on the boat while in transit that rocked the entire activity.

The Fitness Team Building & Island Cruising with Coach Nino was also a fitness family affair as two of them celebrated their birthdays thanksgiving during the activity, namely: Zumba Mommy Carmen Gerodias Oliver, a senior citizen Zumba fanatic with impeccable fitness level for her golden age; and, Licensed Zumba Instructor Johnnah Lou Bago, the champion of the Davao City Summer Sportsfest Aero Marathon Competion – Female Instructors Category.

The Fitness Team Building & Island Cruising with Coach Nino was supported by: RDL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; ZIN Jenny Pendon; Ms. Carol Siladan; Mommy Carmen Oliver; ANFLOCOR; Arnold Mahusay; ZIN Hiedy Vina; Maria Erma; and, Zumbazztic Divaz.

Photos by: Johnnah Lou Bago.


PARTY Boat One with Coach NiƱo.


WACKY groufie led by Zin Jona Lou.

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