HEALTH, FITNESS, & YOU| Family bonding’s more fun in the island

FAMILY outing and bonding activities should never be always far from where we live, because without us knowing there are places in our city and region where we can spend fruitful and memorable get together with our loved ones. From the mountains down to the sea, when we are in Davao City, the so-called land of promise, we never run out of places to marvel and enjoy a day or two with our families.

            Island hopping and tours is one of the present day tour activities readily available in the city considering that Davao City is facing our very own Island Garden City of Samal. The island hopping have different packages that would treat groups to variety of stopovers in both Samal Island and Talicud Island. The most basic package is a three-stopover day tour wherein two coral reef locations and white sand beachline is part of.

Snorkeling can become a very votive experience as one will surely enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the life and intricacies of underwater environment in Angel Cove and Coral Garden. On the other hand, games and fun-filled sand activities can be done at the Babu Santa shoreline, for the entire family to enjoy and cherish. Lunch fellowship and relaxation is a welcome activity in Babu Santa as they offer bamboo cottages. Likewise, fresh coconut juice is also available among the locals to help one quench from an afternoon thirst.

Family’s bonding is certainly more in the island.



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