HEALTH, FITNESS & YOU| Barbeque Monsters… is here to serve you BBQ with a twist.

ANOTHER gastronomic treat awaits the satiable palate of every Dabawenyo and any guest who will visit Davao on the opening of Davao-based, and delightfully hip restaurant aptly called Barbeque Monsters along Mabini Street, Davao City.

Its array of barbeque–inspired meals are truly something to crave for, not to mention the delicious concoctions of different sauces that goes with them.

The sauces, which are originally and exclusively made for Barbeque Monsters, really add that wow factor to each sumptuous selection.

During its grand opening and blessing, which kicked-off with a motorcade through the main thoroughfares of the city, families and close friends came in support for the young and vibrant entrepreneurs behind this “monster” endeavor, namely: Randy & Liezel Luy, Edgar & Suzzette Bentulan and Billy Parilla.

The idea was conceived in the most unconventional way, during one of their regular Tennis game sessions.

The ribbon was cut by equally important dignitaries who graced the opening of Barbeque Monsters, and they are: Arthur Uy of DIMDI Builders; Caren Hao-Bian, vice president of Stockbridge International School; and Marissa Diploma of- Six-Eleven Call Center.

The blessing was presided over by Pastor Mahan Agyang who shared his advice about stewardship and the responsibility that usually go with blessings and graces. Indeed, a fitting offering was made for BBQ Monsters

This promising dining establishment boasts of so many firsts. It is the first to come up with at concept of a barbeque that comes with a selection of side dishes and different variety of sauces. It is the first to come up with a Barbeque place that is air-conditioned, so the problem with humid environment that’s always associated with BBQ places is altogether shunned. And a lot more actually, but I will leave it to the readers to discover them by simply visiting the place. Happy dining!

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