Guest Editorial | A salute to Dabawenyos

(We take the liberty of publishing the message of Mayor Sara Duterte during the conferment of the 2018 Datu Bago Awardees on Mar. 13, 2018 at the Royal Mandaya Hotel)

On behalf of the City Government of Davao, I would like to greet my fellow Dabawenyos, past Datu Bago Awardees and their families, guests, and everyone here today for this 48th Conferment of the Datu Bago Awards. Kudos to the Datu Bago Awards Organization Board of Trustees and Search Committee for the effort that you put into the selection of this year’s awardees.

A city is more than its beautiful natural landscapes; it is more than the high-rises and modern amenities. A city at its core is defined by its people. This is the reason why we celebrate the Araw ng Davao every year – as a salute to all Dabawenyos from all walks of life who live with integrity, work with passion, and interact with one another in the spirit of respect for our cultural diversity. And this morning we recognize a special breed of Dabawenyos, those who not only made a mark in their respective fields, but who went above and beyond what is expected of them.

The Datu Bago Awards, which we confer annually in time for the Araw ng Davao, is our way of recognizing men and women, who, like the local Lumad chieftain, made exemplary selfless contributions to our community. Since 1969, the award has been given to more than a hundred and fifty Dabawenyos, and this year, we add to that roster seven outstanding men and women whose works and influence cut across various fields, and whose contributions in education, fine arts, peacebuilding, environmental protection, community development and social services have improved hundreds of Dabawenyo lives through the years.

To this year’s awardees, on behalf of the City Government, I would like to thank you for choosing to devote your lives to the furtherance of your respective causes for the benefit of Dabawenyos. May you continue to blaze the trail in your areas of expertise and inspire countless others to follow your examples. Indeed, life is here in Davao City not just because of the resources we have been blessed with – life is here because of Dabawenyos like you. Congratulations, and Happy Araw ng Davao kanatong tanan!




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