Groups: Vote for candidates with clear children’s programs

YOUTH organizations in the city are calling on voters to choose candidates who are carrying children’s rights and concerns on their platforms.

Princess BaiGuana, officer for Nakamata (Nakahiusang Kabataan Aron Katungod Matagamtaman), a local children’s rights advocacy group, said voters have to consider if their candidates are interested in pushing for the Juvenile Justice Law; the survival, protection, participation of the community, and development of children.

“Those four areas of the children’s rights have to be at the priority of the candidate,” said Guana in yesterday’s iSpeak forum at city hall.

Nakamata, along with Tambayan Center Inc., said the country is still a long way off from ensuring children have access to education, participation in their community, or access to legal help if they are involved in heavy criminal cases.

“There are still limitations for some children,” said Charlene Nadong, representative of Tambayan.

She claimed that they documented cases were underage kids are turned away from their barangay due to religion, tribal affiliation and other factors.

The groups are advocating that voters follow their program, “Bumoto Para sa Kapakanan ng Bata” to ensure that children’s rights will be given more attention by the coming administration.

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