‘Good, nearing superior’

UM-IPO: Mayor Inday Sara gets 90.8% public rating

ONLY one in 10 of Davaoeños did not give a high rate to Mayor Sara Duterte in her first year of administration, the latest results of the survey made by University of Mindanao (UM)’s Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) bared.

Adrian Tamayo, director for quantitative studies of UM-IPO, said yesterday in the weekly Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao-Annex that the survey results showed that the public’s grade given to the mayor was 90.87%.

“In academic adjectival rating, it is generally considered as good, nearing superior,” Tamayo said.

The survey made by UM-IPO was on Oct. 11-21 with 1,200 respondents. It included their overall assessment to the mayor and the people’s awareness on the services provided by the city government.

On their overall assessment, Tamayo said most of the senior citizens, those of the third sex, widowed and separated gave a high rating to the mayor. The very rich and those who reached advanced education provided a grade of 92.30% and 92.80%, respectively.

“It thus seem that the services of the Sara administration made massive coverage, making it the government of the marginalized (third sex, senior citizens and the separated/widowed), yet the rich and the talented can also depend on,” the survey said.

Though majority of the respondents provided a high rate to the mayor, the results of UM-IPO’s bared that the city government has to give attention to far-flung barangays, improve traffic situation, computerization of government system, easy-to-comply requirements for scholarship and support to senior citizens.

There is also a need to offer subsidy to small farmers, improve drainage system, reliable water supply in Marilog, support to health centers, support to micro-enterprises and address the concerns of the street-dwellers.

On the city’s programs and services, the results of the survey of UM-IPO showed that the most of the respondents were aware on Lingap sa Mahirap, animal bite treatment and program on HIV/AIDS prevention.

The least popular projects were Taxi App, which is still in initial stage, and Kean Gabriel hotline.

“There is a need to boost the promotion of those projects so that those would be known by the public,” Tamayo said.